Expand your horizons by continuing your studies in another country. An education which demonstrates a student has high language proficiency, has developed cross-cultural skills, and has shown independence, maturity and self-assurance through studying or working overseas is valuable to any graduate. Studying abroad is a great way to develop these skills. Studying abroad also enables you to:

  • Learn about another culture
  • Make friends from all over the world
  • Gain foreign language skills
  • Get a new perspective on your major

Study Abroad at Oregon State University

OSU offers a variety of programs that appeal to different interests/majors. You can choose to go abroad for a term, semester, or full academic year. Also summer options are available. Contact your major department and Student services to find out about study programs specifically designed for your major.

Visit OSU Global Opportunities for more details.

Visit International Internships to learn about gaining work experience abroad.