9 June 2017

Dear MA Alumnus/a,

As the 2016-17 SWLF newsletter suggests, our English MA program continues to build upon the strong foundation that you helped to establish during your study at Oregon State University. This year, for example, our students delivered papers at 10 academic conferences including the International Congress on Medieval Studies, the International David Foster Wallace Conference, the Conference on College Composition & Communication, and the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies. These opportunities are instrumental to our students’ success as they apply to PhD programs or pursue post-graduate work. To encourage this professional development, in recent years, we have drawn upon the MA program’s annual budget to provide each conference presenter with $500.00 in travel support.

Unfortunately, the budgetary situation at Oregon State is undergoing a period of stress caused by a decrease in state support, and all schools within Oregon State University have been asked to make cuts to our programs. The MA Program has addressed part of the required cuts by decreasing the number of speakers in our Critical Questions Lecture Series. While this change gets us halfway to our goal, we need your help to ensure that the remaining money will not come out of our graduate student travel budget, which would create serious financial burdens for our talented current and future graduate students in the years to come.

Over the last few months, the School of Writing, Literature, and Film and the OSU Foundation have established an MA Travel Fund that alumni of the program can directly support. Accordingly, all future donations to the “English Unrestricted Fund” marked “MA Travel” will be used to support future student travel to academic conferences. Would you consider pledging a small, tax-deductible donation of $20.00 per month in support of this effort? To offer your support, please visit the “Support SWLF” button on our website here.

On behalf of our graduate students, thank you very much for considering this request.


Raymond Malewitz
Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies