The Graphic Design Program at Oregon State University prepares students to take an influential role in shaping contemporary graphic design practice. 

Our philosophy focuses on the ‘action of design’ — how design transforms, translates and communicates. 

Students graduate with the ability to generate and execute ideas with ‘intended actions’ that can be applied to a diverse range of design problems. The designed intention centers on effective audience communication and delivery across a multitude of user-interfaces that form a necessary and expected part of living in today’s world.

From the pre-application course as a first year student to our senior capstone course series, students are encouraged to find their own voice, seize opportunities, create a unique process that works for them and build a portfolio of work that puts them on the competitive edge of industry.

In today's visual, digital world, graphic design is a growing and expanding profession filled with possibilities. Careers for students completing a B.F.A. in graphic design include branding, package design, web and app design, interaction and interface design, information design, motion graphics, print media, editorial design, marketing, advertising and more.

Graphic design students leave OSU as prepared, experienced, competitive professionals. They are visionaries, able to conquer creative challenges and meet client needs with panache and inventive, leading-edge expertise.


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