The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design (GD) is an exciting and rigorous program at OSU. The disciplinary foundations of graphic design are rooted in visual problem solving, design theory and history, as well as professional practices that tie into business and marketing for specific audiences.

Examples of the work graphic designers engage in include both print and digital media such as the design of:

  • branding and visual identities
  • publication design (magazines, newspapers, catalogs)
  • information design
  • package design
  • exhibition design
  • interactive design (Web, video)

Graphic Design learning outcomes

The discipline of graphic design is constantly changing due to new technologies, broader target audiences, and softer boundaries between disciplines. Students learn to be adaptable, flexible and collaborative in how they work. Graphic designers are creative thinkers and makers and may have strengths and interests in drawing, printmaking and photography.

The Graphic Design major is a professional program. Entering students are designated as Pre-Graphic Design majors (Major Code: 479).

Admission into the professional Graphic Design program is subject to a competitive application process. To apply and be considered for admission, all preprofessional students must meet the following requirements:

  • Be declared as a Pre-Graphic Design major.
  • Have completed and received a C– or better in ALL courses within the Pre-Graphic Design major by the end of spring term before applying.

Criteria for acceptance. Students will be evaluated on the following:

  • Completion and grade in GD 126 GRAPHIC DESIGN PRO APPLICATION.
  • Completion and grades in GD Foundation courses: ART 101 *INTRODUCTION TO THE VISUAL ARTS, ART 115 2-D CORE STUDIOART 121 DIGITAL CORE STUDIO, and ART 131 DRAWING CORE STUDIO.
  • Completion and grades in Bacc Core First-Year Skills Requirements: WR 121 *ENGLISH COMPOSITION, Speech course (choose one: COMM 111 *PUBLIC SPEAKING, COMM 114 *ARGUMENT AND CRITICAL DISCOURSE, or COMM 218 *INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION) and College Level Math course: MTH 105 *INTRODUCTION TO CONTEMPORARY MATHEMATICS or higher.
  • Overall GPA.

B.F.A. in Graphic Design Degree Plan