Piano Studies at OSU

Registering for Individual Lessons

Individual piano lessons are available for intermediate through advanced students.

Being placed in individual lessons is easy.  Please email Dr. Rachelle McCabe for more information about piano placement. Note: Dr. McCabe is the only person who can facilitate your override for registration. 

You may request to study with a specific faculty member, however you must still contact Dr. McCabe for an override to register. Communication with your prospective teacher will ensue and your lesson time will be scheduled. Once you have registered, you may begin lessons. Under no circumstances may lessons commence without completion of the registration process.

Levels of Individual Piano Instruction

Please note: You must be majoring or minoring in music to register for individual lessons

MUP 170   Intermediate Piano (please check with Dr. Rachelle McCabe to see if MUP 170 is currently on offer)

MUP 190 - MUP 490  Advanced Piano

At this level, students must be able to apply certain principles of performance across a wide range of literature. In addition to being able to perform a piece with the criteria stated for MUP 170, the student must also meet the level of repertoire at each course level. He or she should be adept with stylistic matters such as phrasing, rubato, where and how to apply accents, tone color, and pedaling. He or she should also possess excellent practice habits. At this level the expectation is higher for artistry and discipline, compared to that of MUP 170. 

Advanced piano students will have the opportunity to perform for classmates and faculty in studio performance classes or recitals.

At the end of each term, students in advanced lessons are required to perform a jury.   

Music majors in the piano option at OSU are required to reach MUP 490.  Performances in recitals and regular participation in studio classes is expected. Music minors and non-majors are also welcome to participate in the MUP 190 - 490 track of piano study.

Supplementary studies in organ and harpsichord may also be available.

Apply and Audition

Generous piano studies scholarships are available for the 2019-2020 academic year including the Folts Family Piano Scholarship, a $5,000 award.

There are three ways to audition for piano scholarships:

  • 1. Register online for a scholarship audition date at OSU.
  • 2. Schedule an alternative date for an audition by contacting Dr. Rachelle McCabe via e-mail at: rmccabe@oregonstate.edu.
  • 3. Submit a recent video in lieu of a live audition. E-mail Dr. Rachelle McCabe for instructions.

Click here to learn more about music scholarships at OSU.

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