OSU theatre parking mapOSU Theatres are located in Withycombe Hall at 30th and Campus Way (2921 SW Campus Way, Corvallis, OR 97331)

There are three parking lots behind the Withycombe building available for theatre-goers. They can be accessed by turning east off of 30th onto Orchard. Or, patrons may park along Orchard Street. Parking is free on campus after 5:00pm or on weekends.

For Main Stage shows: Your best entrance is the South entrance (4 doors at the main entrance of Withycombe Hall) that face the Linus Pauling building. Once inside you will go up the set of stairs to your right (or take the elevator) and see the Box Office and doors to the Main Stage.

For Lab Theatre shows: Your best entrance is the East entrance (2 doors at the side entrance of Withycombe Hall) down the fire lane and facing the greenhouses. Once inside you will see the entrance to the Lab Theatre to your right.

ADA accommodations can be made by calling the Box Office Manager at (541) 737 - 2853. ADA drop-off area for Lab Theatre shows is at the East entrance of Withycombe Hall.