The CO•

The CO• is a joint OSU and Corvallis community initiative to explore, celebrate, and communicate the value of hands-on learning. We broadly employ the concept of “making” to better understand methods of place-based learning and the ways groups come together and share knowledge (often and ideally across generations, identities, communities, “day jobs”, and more). “Making" for The CO• includes technology, art, traditional crafts - as well as the acts of making stories, music, history, social justice, and much more.

Our Chief Event

Our chief event each year is the Corvallis Maker Fair. With our partners across campus, the City of Corvallis, the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library, and the private sector, we invite makers and guests to a day-long gathering. Free and open to all, this Fair includes both highly technical and non-technical makers who provide hands-on activities that allow our guests to take part in what it is they love to create.

In 2019, the Corvallis Maker Fair will be held on Saturday, April 6.

For more information, or to apply to exhibit at the Maker Fair, explore The CO•’s website or contact Charles Robinson in the CLA Dean’s Office at 541-737-6535.