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2000 SW Campus Way
Corvallis, OR 97331
Ph.D. in Romance Languages, University of Oregon.
M.A. in Spanish Language and Literature, New Mexico Highlands University.
B.A. in Teaching methods, Spanish Language and Literature, New College of California.
ESL, bilingual education, curriculum development and methodologies for teaching foreign languages, San Francisco City
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I have been teaching at OSU since 1994, after completing a Ph.D. in Latin America Colonial Studies at the University of Oregon. My areas of interest are Colonial and Postcolonial narratives, with emphasis on social justice, incorporating Human Rights in Latin America and Spain. In the past few years I have become interested in experiential learning and participated in programs in Central America, working closely with local communities.  This summer a group of students and professors from OSU will travel to Guatemala as a delegation with the Guatemala Human Rights Commission, an advocacy organization based in Washington D.C. and Guatemala City.


Sometimes students ask me what I love more, teaching language or culture, but I can’t say I like one more than the other.  I love teaching culture, guiding students to find meaning in their studies.  But I also enjoy helping them to develop their languages skills. I teach language classes in Spanish and the Media, and also Spanish for Business, in addition to an introduction to literatures and cultures in Latin America and Spain. When possible I like to go beyond the boundaries of Spanish Language, including translation of poems or songs in Catalán, Quechua, Katchikel and so on, to illustrate the linguistic diversity inside the Spanish speaking world.

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Teaching Philosophy and Courses

  • Fourth-year Spanish
  • Latin American Cultures
  • Introduction to reading and writing
  • WIC Selected Topics in Luso-Hispanic Culture
  • Spanish for Business


Areas of Research Expertise: Spanish language, literatures, and culture.


"Latin American Syncretism: New Rhythms in the Gospel" Oregon Bach Festival Journal, University of Oregon, June 2005

"Women's Lives in Spain"  for  “Women’s Lives Around the World: A Global Encyclopedia” published by ABC-CLIO Greenwoood Press, 2017.