Ecampus instructor, Indigenous Studies

Additional Information: 


  • PhD, English / Native American Studies -- University of California, Berkeley, 2011
  • MA, English / Creative Writing (Fiction) -- Western Washington University, 2001 
  • AB. English -- University of Georgia, 1998


Honors and Awards


  • Ecampus Excellence in Online Teaching & Student Engagement Award, 2023 (a student choice award at OSU)


Selected Publications


“Indigenary.” Chapter House Journal. Institute of American Indian Arts. 2020. Short story.

“Australopithecus Suit.” Yellow Medicine Review: A Journal of Indigenous Art, Culture, and Thought. Spring 2014. Short story.

Riding the Trail of Tears. Bison Books. University of Nebraska Press: Native Storiers Series. 2011. Novel.

“Demanding Exile.” Fiction International. Issue 41. 2008. Short story.


Scholarship and Interviews

“‘Imagining Otherwise,’ Cherokee Futurism, and Riding the Trail of Tears: An Interview with Blake Hausman.” Miriam Brown Spiers and Kirstin L. Squint. Issue 32. 2023. Interview.

Riding the Trail of Tears with Cherokee Sci Fi Author Blake Hausman.” Earth to Humans Podcast. May 17, 2023. Interview.

“Zorro’s Ancestor: Connections between Joaquin Murrieta and Zorro.” Post Script: Essays in Film and the Humanities. 2019. Special issue to commemorate Zorro’s 100th birthday. Peer-reviewed essay.

“The Fictions of Stephen Graham Jones: A Critical Companion, ed. Billy J. Stratton.” Studies in American Indian Literatures. Fall 2017, 29:3. Review.

“Indians in the Margins: Teaching the Native American Characters in John Rollin Ridge’s Joaquin Murieta.” Studies in American Indian Literatures. Summer 2016, 28.2. Peer-reviewed essay.

Becoming Joaquin Murrieta: John Rollin Ridge and the Making of an Icon. UC Berkeley. 2011. Dissertation.

The Business of Fancydancing and Hamlet.” Studies in American Indian Literatures. Spring 2010, 22:1. Peer-reviewed essay.

“Widening the Circle: Collaborative Reading with Louis Owens’s novel, Wolfsong,” co-authored with John Purdy. Studies in American Indian Literatures. Winter 2005, 17:4. Peer-reviewed essay and collaborative project.

“The Future of Print Narratives and Comic Holotropes: A Conversation with Gerald Vizenor,” co-authored with John Purdy. American Indian Quarterly. Winter/Spring 2005, 29:1-2. Interview.

“Notes from the Melting Pot: 463 Years After Cherokees Met Desoto.” American Indian Quarterly. Winter/Spring 2004, 27.1. Essay.

“A Conversation with Simon Ortiz,” co-authored with John Purdy. Studies in American Indian Literatures. Winter 2001, 12.4. Interview.

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Sch Lang, Culture & Soc
Courses Taught: 

ES and ENG courses taught at OSU:

  • ES 241: Introduction to Native American Studies
  • ES 444/544: Native American Law
  • ENG 253: Survey of American Lit to 1900
  • ENG 360: Native American Literature

Research and Teaching Interests:

  • Native American / Indigenous Literatures and Narratives
  • Indigenous Futurisms and Speculative Fictions
  • Creative Writing / Teaching Practices for Liberation
  • Canon Formation / Black and Indigenous Works of Early American Literatures
  • Indigenous Sovereignty within Educational Systems
  • Online Teaching and Learning Practices to Empower Underrepresented Students
  • Critical Pedagogies and Assessment Practices to Empower Underrepresented Students  
  • Curriculum Development and Revision to Empower Historically Marginalized Students 
  • Cherokee Nation History, Diaspora, and Community Building

I am an enrolled citizen of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, and I use he/him pronouns. I have been working as an educator in higher ed for over 20 years, in both university and community college contexts. I aim to not only create inclusive and empowering learning experiences during each individual course that I teach, but also to inspire and empower students to continue to learn from our classes together long into the future so that they can transfer some of the knowledge developed during our class to contexts in their lives and on their own terms in a good way.