Ecampus Advisor, Anthropology

Office: 541-737-4296

Waldo Hall

Waldo Hall 214

2250 SW Jefferson Way

2250 SW Jefferson Way
Corvallis, OR 97331

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Sch Lang, Culture & Soc
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Hi. I’m the advisor for Ecampus anthropology majors. Although I’m happy to answer any questions you might have, I can only provide advising for the Ecampus anthropology bachelor’s degree. Advising on university and College of Liberal Arts (CLA) degree requirements is provided by CLA,

Some basic questions you might have are answered below:

1.)     I’m a prospective student, possibly interested in anthropology. Who do I contact about the program?

a.       Your first contact should be with Ecampus. They provide a step-by-step website that will help you navigate admissions, setting up an onid account, and the differences between an online and campus-based degree program.

2.)     What is anthropology?

a.       Anthropology is the inter-disciplinary study of humans, past and present. Using social, biological, and physical sciences, and humanities, anthropologists research the complexity of culture and societies across human history. There are various specialties in anthropology such as: applied, bio-cultural, and cultural. OSU offers a bachelor’s degree in anthropology with a general option. This degree provides students the greatest flexibility in career relevant skills and a broad foundation upon which to launch a graduate student career.

3. )    What can I do with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology?

a.       Students who attain a bachelor’s degree in anthropology usually work for government, non-profit, or business organizations doing various tasks such as: market research, project analysis, project management, human resources, and communications.

I encourage you to visit the OSU anthropology website where you can find information about research being done by faculty and students, as well as links to sites that give more in-depth information about anthropology and anthropology careers.