Hundere Professor in Religion and Culture

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School of History, Philosophy, and Religion
OSU Main Campus
Courses Taught: 

PHL 206 Religious Ethics and Moral Problems

PHL 399H Special Topics in Philosophy (Topics in Medicine)

PHL 444 Biomedical Ethics

PHL 455 Death and Dying

Research/Career Interests: 


Courtney S. Campbell joined the OSU faculty in Fall 1990.  He is currently the Hundere Professor in Religion and Culture, and previously served as Chair of the Philosophy Department and as Director of the Program for Ethics, Science, and the Environment.

Prior to coming to OSU, Courtney was a research associate at The Hastings Center, a "think tank" for medical ethics. He received his Ph.D. and M.A. in Religious Studies from the University of Virginia and his B.A. from Yale University.

A principal reason Courtney came to OSU was that he saw Oregon as a social laboratory for many of the difficult ethical issues in medicine. He has authored numerous articles on the controversial Oregon Death with Dignity Act and on the Oregon Health Plan. He also authored papers for the National Bioethics Advisory Commission on the ethical questions of human cloning and of research on human tissue (

Courtney seeks to develop an engaged classroom where teacher and student become partners in learning.  He has developed several undergraduate certificate programs, including applied ethics, medical humanities, and religion and culture, to augment the department's curricular offerings. Courtney's courses include "Biomedical Ethics," Death and Dying," "Pacifism, Just War, and Terrorism," and "Religious Pluralism," all of which stress interdisciplinary education and learner-directed course activities.

As the Hundere Professor in Religion and Culture, Courtney develops new courses for the certificate in religion and culture, invites guest scholars to OSU and the Corvallis community, coordinates faculty forums, and organizes public conferences.

In his free time, Courtney's passions are hiking and climbing mountains, photography, and coaching youth basketball.

Select Publications

(Klewer Academic Press: 1st Ed., 1994;
Softcover reprint, Dec 2, 2010)
(co-author with  B.A. Lustig)
 Duties to Others

What Price Parenthood

What Price Parenthood?:
Ethics and Assisted Reproduction

(Dartmouth Press, 1992)

New Choices, New Responsibilities:
Ethical Issues in the Life Sciences -
A Teaching Resource on Bioethics for
High School Biology Courses

(Hastings Center, 1991)

(co-author with Bruce Jennings, Kathleen Nolan, and Strac Donnelley)



Select Chapters, Articles, and Reports

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