History Instructor

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2520 SW Campus Way

2520 SW Campus Way
Corvallis, OR 97331
Curriculum Vitae: 

B.A. from the Department of Middle Eastern and African History at Tel Aviv University (2012).

Ph.D. from the Department of Politics and Government at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (2018).

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Affiliated with: 
School of History, Philosophy, and Religion
Courses Taught: 

World History II: Middle and Early Modern Ages (HST 105)

World History III: The Modern and Contemporary World (HST 106)

Quests for Meaning: World Religions (REL/PHL 160)

Introduction to Islamic Traditions (REL/PHL 214)

Global History of Sports (HST 375)

The Arab-Israeli Conflict (HST 385)

Islamic Civilization II (HST/REL 388)

Research/Career Interests: 

My research focuses on sport and development in Africa, specifically in Ghana. I am interested in the intersections of sport and society, culture, politics, and economics, from contemporary and historical perspectives. My other fields of interest and research include the history of family planning in the Middle East and online activism among the Eritrean diaspora.

Select Publications

Dubinsky, Itamar. 2014. "Wife, Husband and Two Children: Family Planning Policies in Tunisia and Iran", Jama’a: An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Study of the Middle East, 21, 59-87 (in Hebrew). Link.

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Dubinsky, Itamar and Lynn Schler. 2017. "Mandela Soccer Academy: Historical and Contemporary Intersections between Ghana, Lebanon, and the West", The International Journal of the History of Sport, 33:15, 1730-1747. Link.

Dubinsky, Itamar and Lynn Schler. 2019. "Goal dreams: conflicting development imaginaries in Ghanaian football academies", The Journal of Modern African Studies, 57:2, 247-272. Link.

Dubinsky, Itamar. 2020. "Digital Diaspora: Eritrean Asylum Seekers’ Cyberactivism in Israel", African Diaspora, 12:1-2, 89-116. Link.

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