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Art Department
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Kay Campbell has an M.F.A in Surface Design from the University of Kansas. She enjoys working on two parallel bodies of work in divergent media. One series explores references to time and place while exploring tactile surfaces using mixed media, most recently of branches and beeswax. Conversely she employs image and her affinity for color, in screen printed works on both paper and fabric that examine our collective human interactions.

Campbell has exhibited widely throughout the United States and abroad. Her works are included in numerous public collections including the Marriott Hotel Corporation, the Westinghouse Corporation, the First National Bank of Houston and the Oregon Health and Sciences University. Additionally her works have been published in American Craft Magazine, The Surface Design Journal and the Fiberart Design Book.

Teaching Philosophy:
To assist students in discovering their own ideas and studio practice and to place a high value on the creative process as an essential component to all of our well being.

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