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  • Health and Wellness
  • Socioeconomic Well Being

public and private programs to increase food security
immigration status and poverty/inequality
housing and employment discrimination

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Journal Article


Journal Article

Edwards, Mark, S. L Bernell, and B. A Weber. Restricted Opportunities, Personal Choices, Ineffective Policies: What Explains Food Insecurity In Oregon?. JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND RESOURCE ECONOMICS 31.2 (2006): 193 - 211. Print. Journal Of Agricultural And Resource Economics.


Journal Article

Edwards, Mark. Occupational Structure And The Employment Of American Mothers Of Young Children. Journal of Family and Economic Issues 26.1 (2005): 31 - 53. Print. Journal Of Family And Economic Issues.


Journal Article

Edwards, Mark. Uncertainty And The Rise Of The Work-Family Dilemma.. Journal of Marriage and Family 63.1 (2001): 183 - 96. Print. Journal Of Marriage And Family.
Edwards, Mark. Home Ownership, Affordability, And Mothers' Changing Work And Family Roles. SSQU Social Science Quarterly 82.2 (2001): 369 - 383. Print. Ssqu Social Science Quarterly.