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Mazdak Shadkam is an Iranian artist residing in Corvallis, Oregon. He received his bachelor’s degree (BSc) in Petrochemical Engineering from Isfahan University of Technology-Iran in 2005. He started his art practice in the same year with a focus on photography, while working as an engineer, until he started a graduate program at Washington State University. Shadkam graduated in 2014 with an MFA focusing on Installation and Interactive Arts, along with Photography. Shadkam's work is sometimes presented in forms that combine different mediums to shape a single conceptual entity, or switching between 2D and 3D, based on the concept demand. He is mainly focused on the ideas that refer to Nostalgia, Home as a global phenomenon, Architecture, Personal Places and Human Belongings as things that define us in particular ways, specially in our daily life.​

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Art Department
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Defining and redefining the yet to be more deeply studied concept of creativity and integrating it to other realms such as science, humanity and technology, forms the core of my interest as an educator, artist and researcher.

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