Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Office: 541-737-8011

Waldo Hall

Waldo Hall 220

2250 SW Jefferson Way

2250 SW Jefferson Way
Corvallis, OR 97331
PhD, Anthropology, Washington State University (2021)
MA, Anthropology, Washington State University (2016)
BA, SUNY Geneseo, (2013)
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Molly Carney is an archaeologist who uses paleoethnobotanical, ethnobiological, and ecological methods to explore how past people interacted with and related to their natural and built environments. Much of her work focuses on life-history traits of cultural keystone species to understand how people stewarded floral and faunal resources in the past. Dr. Carney runs the OSU Ecological Archaeology Lab and manages the Northwest Native Plants Database which provides digital guidelines and resources for botanical and archaeobotanical identifications. She also maintains interests in the architectural signatures of past Northwest places and in using feminist, Indigenous, and agency-focused lens’ to reframe past and present discussions on regional household archaeology.

Dr. Carney is currently looking to work with undergraduate and graduate researchers - please contact her if you are interested in gaining lab experience.

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Sch Lang, Culture & Soc
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Paleoethnobotany, Ethnobiology, Pacific Northwest and Columbia-Plateau, food security, cultural keystone species, stewardship, forager land tenure systems, mobility and sedentism, household archaeology