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  • Co-Editor, ADVANCE JournalThe mission of the ADVANCE Journal is to provide a forum in which to publish peer-reviewed scholarship related to institutional transformation concerning inclusion, equity, and justice in higher education. 
  • PI, OREGON STATE ADVANCE, National Science Foundation Advance IT program (award #1409171)(PI as of July 1, 2016; co-PI on submission) OREGON STATE ADVANCE is an Institutional Transformation (IT) grant funded in the fall of 2014 by the National Science Foundation. The IT award aims to transforms institutional settings to be a more equitable academic environment for women scientists. Co-PIs: Michelle Bothwell, Lisa Gaines, Tuba Ozkän-Haller, and Susan Shaw. Funded at $3.5M over five years. 
  • Co-I, “Values-based Academic Leadership Trajectories for women in STEM (VAuLTS).” National Science Foundation  (09/19-09/23) ADVANCE Partnership Grant (PI, Maria Gartstein, Washington State University).  This project has a two-fold objective: (1) increasing mid career STEM women faculty engagement in career advancement and leadership policy/practice decision-making at doctorate-granting and community college/undergraduate institutions; (2) supporting policy/practice transformation promoting advancement of mid career women faculty in STEM at the institutional level for all higher education partners, enhancing equity messaging. VAuLTS was designed to increase women’s representation at the highest levels of the STEM professoriate through regional partnerships and national dissemination, serving as a flagship model.


  • Ph.D. - Sociology, Washington State University
  • M.A. - Sociology, Washington State University
  • B.A. – Sociology, Portland State University (with highest honors)

Honors and Awards

  • 2021    Community Builder Award (given by the President's Commission on the Status of Women, OSU)
  • 2018    Outstanding Diversity Advocate Award, Oregon State University
  • 2016    University Mentoring and Professional Development Award, Oregon State University
  • 2008    D. Curtis Mumford Faculty Service Award, Oregon State University
  • 2004    College of Liberal Arts Excellence Award, Oregon State University
  • 2004    Elizabeth P. Ritchie Distinguished Professor Award, Oregon State University
  • 1997    Master Teacher, College of Liberal Arts, Oregon State University
  • 1996    Thomas R. Meehan Excellence in Teaching Award, Oregon State University
  • 1994    Women of Achievement Award, Oregon State University Women’s Center

Recent Publications

  • Sievers, T. & Warner, R. L. (In-)stability of Gender Ideologies in Times of Family Policy Change -- A Latent Class Analysis of Germany, Austria, and Sweden. Forthcoming, Social Politics.
  • Warner, R. L., Furman, K., Bothwell, M. K., Plaza, D. & Ruder, B. (2023). Understanding Gendered Microaggresssions as Part of Systems of Oppression in Academic STEM Workplaces." In C. L. Cho & J. K. Corkett (Eds.). Global Perspectives on Microaggressions in Higher Education: Understanding and Combating Covert Violence in Universities. Routledge Education.  
  • Wolters, E.A., Steel, B.S., & Warner, R.L. (2020). "Ideology and Value Determinants of Public Support for Energy Policies in the U.S.: A Focus on Wstern States." Energies, 13. https://doi:10.3390/en13081890 . 
  • Wolters, E. A., Steel, B. S., &  and Warner, R. L. (2019). “The Food-Water-Energy Nexus and Household Behavior: An Oregon Case Study.” Journal of Rural and Community Development,14(3),1-22.
  • Steel, B. S., Wolters, E. A. & Warner, R. L. (2019). “Public Preferences for Food-Energy-Water Tradeoffs in the Western U.S.” Sustainability, (1). https://doi:10.3390/su1119520
  • Shaw, S, M., Bothwell, M., Furman, K., Gaines, L., John, D., Osei-Kofi, N., Ozkän-Haller, T., Plaza, D., Ruder, B. & Warner, R. L.*. (2019). Advancing Women in Academic STEM: Catalyzing Institutional Transformation Through an Immersion Seminar for Administrators and Faculty. The Lancet, 393 (10171), PE17-E19. (*Corresponding author)
  • Bothwell, M. K., Furman, K. Driskill, Qwo-Li, Warner, R. L., Shaw, S. M. & Ozkän-Haller, T. (2018). Empowering Faculty andAdministrators to Re-imagine a Socially Just Institution Through Use of Critical Pedagogies. Proceedings of the 1st Annual Conference of the Collaborative Network for Engineering and Computing Diversity Conference, Crystal City, VA.
  • Ruder, B., Plaza, D., Warner, R. L. & Bothwell, M. (2018). STEM Women Faculty Struggling for Recognition and Advancement in a “Men’s Club” Culture. Pp. 121-149 In C. L. Cho C. et al. (Eds.), Poison in the watercooler: Exploring the toxicity of lateral and micro-aggression in multiple contexts and disciplines (pp. 121-149). Palgrave-McMillan, Cham, Switzerland.
  • Buylova, A., Warner, R. L., & Steel, B. S. (2018). The Oregon Context. In Weber, E., Southwell, P, Clucas, R. & Henkels, M. (Eds.) Oregon State and Local Politics: Innovation and Change (pp. 19-38). Oregon State University Press.
  • Steel, B. S., Pierce, J. C., Warner, R. L., & and Lovrich, N. P. (2015). Environmental Value Considerations in Public Attitudes About Alternative Energy Development in Oregon and Washington. Environmental Management, 55(3), 634-645.
  • Lach, D. & Warner, R. L. (2014). Gender and Science. In Steel, B. S. (Ed.), Issues and Controversies in Science and Politics. Washington, DC: CQ Press. 


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Policy Areas: Gender and family policy; science policy; comparative and international gender policy. 

PhD: Washington State University

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