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  • Soc 204 - Introduction to Sociology
  • Soc 312 - Sociology of the Family
  • Soc 412/512 - Sociology of Work and Family
  • Soc 452/552 - Sociology of Religion
  • Soc 466/566 - International Development: Gender Issues

Research Interests

  • Work and Family
  • Gender 
  • Sociology of Religion 
  • International Development

Current Projects

  • Work, Family and Cultural Change in Syria
  • Religious Traditions, Community and Identity

Curriculum Vitae

Brief Vita


  • Ph.D. - Sociology, University of Massachusetts, Amherst 1991
  • M.A. - Sociology, University of Massachusetts, Amherst 1987 
  • B.A. - Sociology, Gordon College, Wenham, Massachusetts 1981


  • The Influence of State Maternity Leave Policies on U.S. Mothers’ Employment. 2016. Community, Work & Family, 19 (4).  (Clair Clark and Sally K. Gallagher).
  • Defining spiritual growth: Congregations, Community & Connectedness. 2009. Sociology of Religion, 70 (3, Fall):232-61.  (Sally K. Gallagher and Chelsea Newton).
  • Agency, Resources and Identity: Working Class Women's Experiences in Damascus. 2007. Gender & Society, 21: 227-49.
  • Children as Religious Resources: The Role of Children in Social Re-formation of Class, Culture and Religious Identity. 2007. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 46: 169-83.
  • Godly Manhood Going Wild?: Changing Ideals of Masculinity Among Conservative Protestants. 2005. Sociology of Religion 66: 135-160 (Sally K. Gallagher and Sabrina L. Wood).
  • Where Are the Anti-feminist Evangelicals?: Evangelical Identity, Subcultural Location and Attitudes Toward Feminism. 2004. Gender and Society, 18: 451-72.
  • Connections and Constraints: The Effects of Children on Kinkeeping. 2001. Journal of Marriage and the Family, 63 (1): 265-275. (Sally K. Gallagher and Naomi Gerstel).
  • Men's Caregiving: Gender and the Contingent Character of Care. 2001. Gender & Society 15 (2): 197-217. (Naomi Gerstel and Sally K. Gallagher).


  • Library Travel Grant.  Oregon State University. Awarded for follow-up research in Damascus, Syria.  2008. 
  • Assessing Religious Community in a Postmodern World, The Louisville Institute for the Study of American Religion, General Grants Program. 2003-07.
  • Constant H. Jacquet Research Award from the Religious Research Association, "Searching for Tradition: Assessing the Choice of Religious Community" 2002-03


  • Oregon State University, College of Liberal Arts, Master Teacher Program. 2003-05; 05-07.
  • Research Fellow, Center for the Humanities, Oregon State University. 1997.
  • Researcher of the Year Award, College of Liberal Arts, Oregon State University. 1996.
  • Fulbright Scholar Award, J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board, Council for International Exchange of Scholars, United States Information Agency. Serieal Grant for research in Damascus, Syria. 1994.

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Journal Article


Journal Article

Gallagher, Sally K. Children As Religious Resources: The Role Of Children In The Social Re-Formation Of Class, Culture, And Religious Identity. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 46.2 (2007): 169 - 183. Print. Journal For The Scientific Study Of Religion.
Gallagher, Sally K. Agency, Resources, And Identity. Gender & Society 21.2 (2007): 227 - 249. Print. Gender & Society.


Journal Article

Gallagher, Sally K, and Sabrina L Wood. Godly Manhood Going Wild?: Transformations In Conservative Protestant Masculinity. Sociology of Religion Sociology of Religion 66.2 (2005): n. pag. Print. Sociology Of Religion Sociology Of Religion.


Journal Article

Gallagher, Sally K, and Naomi Gerstel. Connections And Constraints: The Effects Of Children On Caregiving. JOMF Journal of Marriage and Family 63.1 (2001): 265 - 275. Print. Jomf Journal Of Marriage And Family.