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Journal Article

Gallagher, Sally K. Children As Religious Resources: The Role Of Children In The Social Re-Formation Of Class, Culture, And Religious Identity. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 46.2 (2007): 169 - 183. Print. Journal For The Scientific Study Of Religion.
Gallagher, Sally K. Agency, Resources, And Identity. Gender & Society 21.2 (2007): 227 - 249. Print. Gender & Society.


Journal Article

Gallagher, Sally K, and Sabrina L Wood. Godly Manhood Going Wild?: Transformations In Conservative Protestant Masculinity. Sociology of Religion Sociology of Religion 66.2 (2005): n. pag. Print. Sociology Of Religion Sociology Of Religion.


Journal Article

Gallagher, Sally K, and Naomi Gerstel. Connections And Constraints: The Effects Of Children On Caregiving. JOMF Journal of Marriage and Family 63.1 (2001): 265 - 275. Print. Jomf Journal Of Marriage And Family.