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School of History, Philosophy, and Religion
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PHL 470 / 570 Philosophy of Science

PHL 436/536 Philosophy and Religion

PHL 407 Seminar: The Politics of Knowledge; Feminism, Knowledge, and Science

PHL 321 Deductive Logic

PHL 301 History of Western Philosophy (Ancient Greeks)

PHL 251 Knowers, Knowing, and the Known

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Sharyn Clough teaches courses in the study of knowledge, especially scientific knowledge. Her research examines the complex ways in which science and politics are interwoven, and the notions of objectivity that can be salvaged once this complexity is acknowledged. More recently she has been investigating the importance of basic peace skills for deliberation about science policy. She is the Director of Phronesis Lab – phronesis is Greek for practical wisdom – and the Curriculum Coordinator for the Peace Literacy Project, in partnership with the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. She is the author of Beyond Epistemology: A Pragmatist Approach to Feminist Science Studies, and the editor of Siblings Under the Skin: Feminism, Social Justice and Analytic Philosophy. In addition, she has written a number of essays on science and values for journals such as Social Science and Medicine, Studies in the History and Philosophy of the Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Metascience, Perspectives in Science, and Social Philosophy.

For a list of recent publications, see cv, linked, above.


Beyond Epistemology:
A Pragmatist Approach to
Feminist Science Studies

Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield (2003)
 Beyond Epistemology: A Pragmatist Approach to Feminist Science Studies
Siblings Under the Skin: Feminism, Social Justice and Analytic Philosophy Siblings Under the Skin:
Feminism, Social Justice
and Analytic Philosophy

Aurora, Colorado: Davies Publishing (2003)


Select Articles & Book Chapters

2017. (Second author, with Thomas Boothby). “Empiricist and Rationalist Approaches to the Design of Concrete Structures.” Journal of Preservation Technology Bulletin, vol. XLVIII (1): 6-14.

2016. (Lead author with Julio Orozco, MA student). “Scientific Sexism and Racism.” In Nancy Naples, ed. The Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies. Wiley Blackwell. DOI: 10.1002/9781118663219.wbegss315

2015. “Fact/Value Holism, Feminist Philosophy, and Nazi Cancer Research.” Feminist Philosophical Quarterly, 1(1).

2015. (Lead author with Pam Allen, PhD student). “Philosophical Commitments, Empirical Evidence, and Theoretical Psychology.” Theory and Psychology, 25(1):3-24. doi:10.1177/0959354314563324.

2011. “Radical Interpretation, Feminism, and Science.” In Dialogues with Davidson, ed. Jeffrey Malpas. MIT Press.

2011. “Gender and the Hygiene Hypothesis.” Social Science & Medicine 72: 486-493.

2010. "Drawing Battle Lines and Choosing Bedfellows: Rorty, Relativism, and Feminist Strategy." In Feminist Interpretations of Richard Rorty, ed. Marianne Janack. Penn State Press.

For more information and a more complete listing of her research publications, see cv, linked above, or
visit her homepage. (


Dr. Clough regularly teaches a lower division course in epistemology (PHL 251) as well as formal logic (PHL 321), ancient Greek philosophy (PHL 301) and upper level seminars in the philosophy of science (PHL 470/570). Seminars in feminist science studies and the politics of knowledge more generally (PHL 407), and religion and philosophy (PHL 436) are usually offered every other year. The latest versions of these course outlines are available to registered students via Canvas.