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BA, English, DePauw University (2000)
MFA, Creative Writing, Texas State University (2005)
Ph.D., American Studies (English), Purdue University (2015)
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Dr. Walter Moore or "Walt" was born in Singapore and has lived in about twenty cities & towns around the world: from Jakarta, Indonesia; Houston & Austin, Texas; Oklahoma City; Brooklyn, New York, and Carmel, California, to Providence, Rhode Island; Seattle, Washington, and Perth, Australia, among other places. In a former life, he worked as a lifeguard, line cook, restaurant bar back/server, law clerk, and tennis teaching professional (he was a nationally ranked junior tennis player and an average college tennis player. He competed in one season of college soccer in Australia).

More recently, he’s written reading passages for an education textbook company, worked as a journalist for a few newspapers (the San Marcos Daily Herald, etc.), and published poems in various journals (Experimental Poetry, Midwest Review, etc.). His book of poetry, My Lungs Are a Dive Bar, a series of deadpan/gritty/neo-beat/punkish poems about rural Indiana and urban Washington (some Texas, too) was published by EMP Books in the Spring of 2019. His first novel, HOUSTON: sometimes river twice is a swamp (a story about a 26-year-old drifter-bartender with a G.E.D. who returns to his hometown of Houston, Texas, to solve a murder with his alcoholic father) and second book of poems, Welcome To My Van will both be released by EMP Books later in 2020. His scholarly research interests include 20th-Century American Literature, Film & Culture and, specifically, how selected literary and cinematic texts "speak to" the narratives of gentrification in U.S. cities (which is also what his Ph.D. dissertation's about). In the summer of 2019, Walt & his LA-based writing partner, Eli Green, sold a movie screenplay called Cut (a story about bias & despair & redemption in urban law enforcement) to some "fancy people in Hollywood" (or just ask Eli for additional information; he knows more about this stuff).

Dr. Moore has taught courses in academic writing, creative writing, literature, and film in places as varied as Southwestern University, the University of Rhode Island, and the University of Washington Tacoma. 2019-2020 marks his third year of teaching at Oregon State University and his sixteenth year of teaching at the college level overall. He holds a BA in English from DePauw University, an MFA in Creative Writing from Texas State University, and a Ph.D. in American Studies (*English: U.S. Literature, Film, and Culture) from Purdue University. He also went to law school at Indiana University for one year & four days but decided to drop out after discovering lawyering wasn't his thing.

Over the years, Moore has also worked as an actor on the stage & on television, having performed in leading & supporting roles in various local stage productions in Austin, Texas; Monterey, California; New York City; and Tacoma, Washington. His big "claims-to-fame" include playing a campus hippie in an MTV commercial and a deadbeat roommate in a TV pilot episode of Sisters for the Oxygen Channel. Moore has also coached several tennis teams, having served as the Assistant Women's Tennis Coach at Texas State University, Assistant Men's Coach at Southwestern University (TX), Head Tennis Coach of the Casady School (OK), Assistant Boys' Tennis Coach of Central Catholic High School (IN), and Head Boys' Tennis Coach at Crescent Valley High School (OR).

Alongside reading/writing/teaching/acting/coaching, his other joys include playing soccer & tennis, watching movies, bowling, playing pool & table tennis, meditating, hiking, seeing live music, doing nothing in bathrobes, napping, soaking in hot tubs, and generally hanging out in the Pacific Northwest with his partner Erica and his 100-pound dog/beast Lloyd. He's 41 years old but sometimes feels like he's 80 (which is why he naps).



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