If you are a faculty member at Oregon State University, have an interest in Latino/a issues, and seek to develop collaborative/community-engaged Latino/a-related research, the Center for Latin@ Studies and Engagement would like to invite you to become a CL@SE Affiliated Faculty.

CL@SE's website is undergoing significant updates and improvements. Our list of faculty affiliates was redesigned to conform with CLA updated guidelines but we would like to make the list more user friendly in relation to CL@SE's emerging foci of:

1)  Youth and Community Empowerment,
2)  Health and Wellness,
3)  Socio-Economic Well Being,
4)  Education, and
5)  Cultural and Historical Awareness.

If you could kindly fill out the form below, we can update our affiliate faculty list to reflect your connection to our emerging foci and your specific research interests.

Affiliation with CL@SE entails:

1)  being familiar with the Center's mission and current work,
2)  being willing to act as an Ambassador for CL@SE in your respective areas of work, and
3)  being responsive to community requests for support/advice/partnership.

If you are not a faculty member at Oregon State University but still wish to be affiliated with CL@SE, please apply as an Affiliated Professional/Community Leader.

First and last name.
E-mail address
Affiliation with CL@SE/OSU
Areas of expertise or interest