Welcome to the School of Writing, Literature and Film!

The School of Writing, Literature and Film is the privileged place at Oregon State University for students, scholars, creative writers, and rhetoricians to gather together to discuss, critique, love, and celebrate the English language in all its diverse forms. We offer a number of degree programs, including undergraduate majors in English and Creative Writing and minors in English, Writing, Film, and Applied Journalism. We also host two fully-funded graduate programs: an MA in English and an MFA in Creative Writing.

These degrees testify to both the marvelous capaciousness of the English language and the enduring importance of learning its many modes and forms. It is a medium that can, after all, bring people together or push them apart. It is a platform that enables us to tell our stories--real or imagined--in poetry, prose, and film.  It is a communication system through which we share our worldviews and think through our most pressing local, national, and global problems. It is our bridge to older cultures, histories, stories, and traditions that challenge and inform the values of the present. Students therefore leave our programs not only with skills suitable for a variety of careers and professions but also, and as importantly, with a deeper knowledge of the many ways in which our language and culture give meaning to our lives. 



Look for these highlights on our website:

  • Our English Letter, which tells current stories about the lives and achievements of our talented students and faculty
  • Our Events page, which offers a glimpse into the many lectures, readings, and meetings that make Moreland Hall a vibrant community space
  • Our Stone Award prize, which is one of the most substantial awards for literary achievement offered by any university in the country
  • Our popular public outreach projects, including The Oregon State Guide to Literary Terms, The Oregon State Guide to Grammar, and the online Romeo and Juliet, which have been viewed by millions of students, teachers, and lovers of English language and literature around the world