Is the GRE part of the application package?

No, we do not consider the GRE as part of our holistic admissions process. We base our admissions decisions on a careful consideration of the writing sample, statement of objectives, letters of recommendation, online application, and transcripts.

How many students are enrolled in the MA program?

Each entering class comprises 6-12 students, meaning that the program as a whole ranges from about 12 – 24. Our program is small and intensive, and built around close mentoring for each student. We admit approximately 8-20 applicants each spring, depending on how many students we can fully fund. Because a certain number of our admitted students choose to attend a different program, we arrive at the target class size of 6-12.

Can I attend part-time or online?

No. Our two-year program is designed around a structured sequence that begins in the fall term with ENG 514: Introduction to Graduate Studies, continues through a sequence of “MA Experience” options and other coursework, and concludes, in the second year, with the thesis defense.

Do you accept applications throughout the year or allow students to start in the winter or spring terms?

No. We read applications in January and February and admit students to begin in the following fall term only.

What is the deadline for applying?

In early January. Please check the website for the deadline that applies to any particular year.

When are applicants notified of the program’s decision?

In late February or March.

How do I apply for a GTA position, a GRA position, or a tuition scholarship?

All students are automatically considered for tuition scholarships. If you would like to be considered for a GTA or GRA position, simply check the box indicating that fact on the online application, and your application will be appropriately routed.

Do you accept international students?

Yes, certainly. But because the study of “English” means different things in different countries and contexts, potential applicants should be aware that we are not a language-study program. Instead, the MA in English trains students in advanced literary criticism and/or in the theory, history, the teaching of writing, and rhetorical history and theory. Some advanced level undergraduate coursework would be expected in those areas. We do not offer courses in linguistics or translation.