The Attic Institute of Arts and Letters

The Attic Institute, established in Portland in 1999, is a private literary studio, a school for creativity, and an oasis for independent writers. They offer workshops in poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction, and offer writers a space to work on their projects.

As the Attic's Website and Blog Editor, it was pretty intimidating at first to be in charge of an entire website. After a while though, I loved the freedom. I was able to decide what resources to share depending on what interested me or what I wished I had known earlier. Furthermore, David is an incredible advisor! He showed me the ropes and then stepped back and supported my crazier ideas. He was great at putting me in contact with the writing fellows so that I could interview them! Those interviews were definitely my favorite part of the whole experience. -Paige Thomas


CALYX Journal, first established in 1976, is dedicated to celebrating work that highlights literature and art created by women. Since its inception it has grown to include its own small press, CALYX Books, where they continue to publish excellent work by women’s voices.

At CALYX, I was part of an enriching, collaborative environment that celebrates female voices. My experience interacting with the women of CALYX helped me become a more compassionate reader of womens' fiction--and fiction in general--and gave me insight into the process of publishing within a literary journal. -Meg Fancher


Cloudbank Books was established in 2000, and publishes poetry, prose poems, and anthologies. Cloudbank magazine, first issued in 2009, includes works of poetry, flash fiction, and book reviews.

We’ve appreciated so much what our interns have contributed to the press. I find it’s always hard to see them leave at the end of a school year. Fortunately, three of our former interns have become associate editors at Cloudbank, which has enabled us to stay in touch professionally and personally. -Roberta Sperling, Associate Editor

Live Wire Radio

Launched in 2003 and picked up for broadcast in 2004, Live Wire Radio now broadcasts to over 200 radio stations nationwide. Episodes include inspiring conversations and interviews, live music, and original comedy.

During my internship with Live Wire, I've had the opportunity to listen to episodes before their official release, research guests' current projects, sit in on interviews, and learn about the ins and outs of producing a radio show. It has been very fulfilling to become part of a storytelling community beyond SWLF while also finding non-academic ways to hone and apply my skills. -Audrey J Smith

I loved dipping my toes into video editing, radio marketing, and archival work. The Live Wire Team was great at answering my questions and giving me tasks that I had never done before, so that I could actually cultivate new skills. One of the coolest parts of the internship was being able to sit in on interviews. I never thought I would be in the same room, albeit virtual, as George Saunders! -Paige Thomas

San Quentin Correctional Facility

The San Quentin internship has been incredibly engaging and rewarding. This experience has definitely honed my skills as an editor, and has piqued my interest in the distinct voices of incarcerated authors. -Catherine Malcynsky

The opportunity to edit an inmate's novel-in-progress is a significant and humbling privilege. It’s been very exciting to put my workshop experience to such meaningful use, especially where even remote communication with the author makes a great impact. -Meg Fancher

Tin House

Publisher of award-winning books of literary fiction, nonfiction, and poetry; home to a renowned workshop and seminar series; and partner of a critically acclaimed podcast, Tin House champions writing that is artful, dynamic, and original. We are proud to publish and promote writers who speak to a wide range of experience, and lend context and nuance to their examination of our world.

I’m currently working as an editorial intern with Tin House and it’s been inspiring to get the chance to read agented manuscripts and provide insight into these author’s incredible work. Learning from the talented editors and seeing how the business side of publishing operates has been so beneficial in my education of the industry. The publishing community is taking steps to becoming more inclusive to a variety of writers and it’s been wonderful to see that first-hand with Tin House. -Lanesha Reagan

Writing Intensive Curriculum (WIC)

The Writing Intensive Curriculum Program supports and instructs faculty across the disciplines who are developing and teaching writing intensive courses as part of OSU's Baccalaureate Core requirements. Through faculty seminars, lunches, departmental consulting, review of course proposals, and the newsletter Teaching with Writing, WIC promotes excellence in writing and fosters a culture of writing at Oregon State University.

Being a WIC intern has exposed me to a different side of pedagogical considerations. I'm able to apply much of what I'm learning about teaching FYC as a GTA to a broader context in WIC, where faculty are teaching writing within their respective disciplines. WIC allows for a practical development of my more theoretical interests in pedagogy courses and our wonderful WIC director, Sarah Tinker-Perrault, makes space for us to actually put our ideas out there in creating faculty workshops and writing pieces for the newsletter. -Jessica Al-faqih