Presented by Neil Davison
    Sigurd H. Peterson Scholarship: Angelina Conrow
    Internal Peterson Scholarship: Justin Bennett,
    Alyssa Freeman, Alexandra Luther
    Mary Holaday Murray Scholarship: Clarice Gilray, Emily Kirchhofer, Marin Rosenquist
    Raleigh Clare Dickinson Scholarship: Jahan Kahusi
    Malamud Scholarship: Alexandra Mahler, Shelby Mosel, Serena Giunchigliani
    Irwin C. Harris Legacy Scholarship: Alexandra Luther

Essay Awards
Presented by Richmond Barbour

Graduate Essay Award: Austin Webster
For “Oriental Time in Kim: Kipling’s India as Para-Chronic Collection”
Nominated by Megan Ward
Schwartz Essay Award: Peter Sukamto
For “An Argument for Pragmatism in Prose in Gertrude Stein’s Tender Buttons
Nominated by Lily Sheehan
WIC Culture of Writing Essay Award: Annalise San Juan
For “Nature Viewed Through the Male Gaze”
Nominated by Ehren Pflugfelder

Smith & Norris Essay Award: Quan Luong
For “Reality of Grocery Bags: Life in Plastic, It’s Not Fantastic”
Nominated by Clare Braun

Elroy Bode Essay Award: Bradley Hogle
For “This is a Five Paragraph Essay”
Nominated by Andrew Zingg

The Provost’s Literary Prize
Recognized by Keith Scribner

    Prose: Cade Windell
    Poetry: Ethan Heusser

CLA Outstanding Seniors (Previously Awarded)
Recognized by Rebecca Olson and Gilad Elbom
    Miriam Morrissette
    McKenzie Ross

The Lisa Ede Award
Presented by Tim Jensen
    Jessie Heine

Weaver Poetry Award
Presented by Karen Holmberg
    Charles Clark
    Honorable Mention: Natalie Combs

Creative Writing Award
Recognized by Susan Jackson Rodgers
    Poetry: Sheila Dong
    Fiction: Tom Renjilian
    Nonfiction: Andrew Zingg