Internal Sigurd H. Peterson Memorial Scholarship: Sam Chang, Sukhjot Sal

Bernard Malamud Memorial Scholarship: Zeva Rosenbaum

Mary Holaday Murray Scholarship: Brittany Rainey

Raleigh Clare Dickinson Scholarship: Evie Smith

Irwin C. Harris Legacy Scholarship: Natalie Sharp


Essay Awards

Graduate Essay Award: Olivia Rowland
For “Capitalist Forms and Anticapitalist Resistance in Wages for Housework Rhetoric”
Nominated by Tekla Bude

Graduate Essay Award Honorable Mention: Christin Snyder
For “Refracting Risk: Queer Ephemeral Objects and The Girls of Radcliff Hall
Nominated by Tekla Bude

Schwartz Essay Award: Sophia Betts
For “Opposing the ‘Other’: An Examination of the Troubled Category of the Gothic ‘Other’ in Toni Morrison’s Beloved
Nominated by Lily Sheehan

Schwartz Essay Award Honorable Mention: Brandt Bridges
For “‘Love loves to love love’ and the Inversion of Other Mirrors: Joyce’s Bloom as the ‘Feminized Jew’”
Nominated by Neil Davison

Smith-Norris Essay Award: Gabrielle Stadem
For “Kelp Bed Deforestation & Devastation on the California Coast”
Nominated by Ehren Pflugfelder

Elroy Bode Creative Nonfiction Award: Tosca Ruotolo
For “My Father’s House”
Nominated by Elena Passarello

WIC Culture of Writing Award: Kaj Porter
For “How to Catch a Toad”
Nominated by Lucia Stone

CLA Outstanding Senior Award

Precious Norris


The Provost’S Literary Prize

Prose: Jane Coneybeer
For “Lost and Found”

Poetry: Aanaa Felema
For “I’ve Stopped Trying to Make Celery Taste Good”


The Lisa Ede Award

Megan Gayken


Graduate Creative Writing Awards


Rachel Attias

Honorable Mention: Molly Weisgrau


Caley Henderson

Honorable Mention: Paige Thomas


Rebecca Martin

Honorable Mention: Paige Thomas


Weaver Award

Gabe Reitzes

Honorable Mention: Rachel Finkle