Transferring to a new school can be tricky, but we’re here to help you make sense of that process. We’re excited to hear that you’re thinking about becoming an English major at Oregon State University, and we welcome you to learn more about our school, the courses you’ll take, and your path to success. Our English majors take courses in a number of disciplines with passionate and knowledgeable teachers, so we know you’ll have a fantastic experience here. To learn more about any of our degrees, please contact  Liddy Detar, our Advisor for the new BA in Creative Writing, English Major, English Minor, Writing Minor, Film Minor, Applied Journalism Minor, and the Certificate in Scientific, Technical, and Professional Communication.

"What is Enjambment?" A Guide for English Students and Teachers

Professor Jen Richter answers the question "What is Enjambment?" in a video for the Oregon State Guide to English Literary Terms series, which was created to spur public discussion of the literary arts.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: As a transfer student from a community college, what classes should I be taking to stay on track towards attaining a BA in English at Oregon State University?

A: In addition to courses you’ll take toward the AAS, including 200-level English survey courses equivalent to those we offer here, it is highly recommended that if possible students come to OSU with the two years of college-level foreign language required for the BA degree.


Q: What is the process in declaring the English major at Oregon State University?

A: All applications go through the Office of Admissions. After you are accepted, you will be required to attend an orientation for transfer students prior to the term in which you will first register for classes.


Q: What are the English major requirements at Oregon State University?

A: See the B.A. in English Page.


Q: Do I have to apply to the School of Writing, Literature, and Film after applying for admittance into Oregon State?

A: No.


Q: What is a WR 121 override?

A: Students who do not take WR I (WR 121 at OSU) will require overrides from our advisor to register for any writing classes at OSU. This is simply procedural. Also, if you do not have an equivalent WR I once you come to OSU, you may take a test to attain WR 121 credit.


Q: As a student who is passionate about English language and composition, with the hope to teach at the secondary level, are there specific classes I need to take at my college to prepare myself?

A: There are no specific courses that we recommend that you take. That said, we offer a double-degree in English and Education that would give you the credentials to teach elementary through high school language arts. We offer courses such as The Teaching of Writing, Literature and Pedagogy, Grammar, Intro to Literacy Studies, and Digital Literacy and Culture that might be of interest.


Q: If I’m interested in technical or professional writing, what courses should I take?

A: We offer several courses related to a career in professional writing, including Technical Writing, Science Writing, Writing in Business, Publishing and Editing, and Professional Writing. Our Applied Journalism Minor and certificate in Scientific, Technical, and Professional Communication are also available.


Q: Are there study abroad opportunities?

A: Yes! We have a number of opportunities every year and a new course called Writing Abroad.


Q: Where can I find more information on internships available to English majors?

A: See Internship Information.


Q: Are there part-time positions available to English students on campus?

A: There are work-study opportunities for all students on campus.

We Accept these Community College Courses for the English Major:

(Up to five of the following 200-level courses [3 or 4 credit] may be counted.)

  • ENG 201: Shakespeare
  • ENG 202: Shakespeare
  • ENG 204: Survey of British Literature: Beginnings to 1660
  • ENG 205: Survey of British Literature: Restoration to Romantic Era
  • ENG 206: Survey of British Literature: Victorian Era to 20th Century
  • ENG 207: Literature of Western Civilization: Classical Renaissance
  • ENG 208: Literature of Western Civilization: 18th Century to Present
  • ENG 210: Literatures of the World: Asia
  • ENG 211: Literatures of the World: Africa
  • ENG 212: Literatures of the World: Meso/South America, Caribbean
  • ENG 213: Literatures of the World: Middle East
  • ENG 214: Literatures of the World: Europe
  • ENG 221: African-American Literature
  • ENG 253: Survey of American Literature: Colonial to 1900
  • ENG 254: Survey of American Literature: 1900 to Present
  • ENG 260: Literature of American Minorities
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