graphic with text: bachelor of arts english



  • Work closely with faculty mentors passionate about their research.
  • Select among a variety of courses, and design a plan that explores your interests.
  • Collaborate in project-based learning experiences.
  • Receive career preparation and skills for participating in a diversity of fields.

An English degree is about more than the book. English majors learn to see complex problems in their full richness and don’t take the first answer, or the simplest answer, as truth. In our courses, numerous kinds of texts – from medieval poems to postmodern novels, adapted screenplays to literary criticism itself – appear as windows into the cultures and conditions in which they were produced. English majors develop habits of mind attuned to the reasons why people do what they do and write what they write. Our graduates are engaged, empathetic people pursuing a creative, critical, and useful degree.


(Total Credit Hours: 55)
Required courses


Select four 200-level ENG courses (16 credits)
Pursue the 300-level sequence: 
  • ENG 301 Ways of Reading
  • ENG 302 Writing About Literature
    • Taken with ENG 200 Library Skills for Literary Study
  • ENG 304 Career Prep for English Majors
  • ENG 345 Intro to Literary Criticism and Theory
  • Select one additional 300-level ENG, FILM, or WR course (4 credits)





Select five 400-level ENG, FILM, or WR courses in the following areas (20 credits)
  • One pre-1700 course option
  • One 1700-1900 course option
  • One 1900-present course option
  • One project-based or thesis option

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