Undergraduate students are required to take one Writing Intensive Course (WIC) in their major department. WIC courses are upper division content courses taught by faculty in the major. In WIC courses, informal, ungraded, or minimally-graded writing is used as a mode of learning course content. Students are also introduced to formal writing appropriate to the discipline or field, receive instruction on writing in the discipline, and are allowed to revise formal assignments after receiving feedback on drafts. 

The School of Writing, Literature, and Film is proud to offer a wide range of WIC courses to meet the needs and interests of our students. The following is a list of our WIC courses. For more information on any of these classes, check out our course descriptions.




ENG 311: Studies in British Prose

ENG 312: Studies in British Drama

ENG 313: Studies in British Poetry

ENG 407: Seminar

ENG 445: Studies in Nonfiction

ENG 470: Studies in Poetry

ENG 485: Studies in American Literature



FILM 452: Studies in Film



WR 411: The Teaching of Writing

WR 462: Environmental Writing

WR 493: The Rhetorical Tradition and the Teaching of Writing

WR 495: Introduction to Literacy Studies