1. What is an emerging 'need' that could be addressed by OSU's transdisciplinary capabilities?
  2. One of the signature areas of excellence in OSU's strategic plan is advancing the science of sustainable ecosystems. What is your discipline's perspective on sustainable ecosystems? If your discipline were to broaden that perspective to encompass other disciplines, how would that change your discipline’s perspective?
  3. In light of what you know about the threats associated with climate change, what do you think is the most important thing we could be doing as citizens and members of the OSU community? Why are these important things and what is the first step toward implementing them?
  4. How and where does your discipline draw the line between informing and advocating? Which kinds of advocacy are acceptable? How ought the scientific community react to advocacy?
  5. Do your research findings support certain courses of action over others? What are your responsibilities as researchers? How could your work best inform policy?
  6. What do you think is necessary for success in interdisciplinary collaborations? How do you envision success?
  7. What are the challenges for implementing climate change adaptation in Oregon? Who should identify pertinent questions regarding climate change? Scientists or stakeholders?



Allen Thompson, Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Allison Danner, PhD Candidate

Andreas Schmittner           

Bruce R Mate, Director, Marine Mammal Institute

Bruce Weber, Professor of Ag and Resource Economics

Burke Hales, Professor

Caren Barcelo, PhD Candidate

Carly Lettero, Program Director, EHI

Dave Conklin, Project manager

Dave Hill, Assoc. Prof.

Donelle Schwalm, Post Doctoral Scholar

Gail J. Woodside, PHD TEK Dissertation Candidate

Gordon Grant, Research Hydrologist

Gregg Walker, Professor

Guillermo  Giannico, Associate Professor and Extension Fisheries Specialist

Heather Lintz, Assistant Professor Senior Research

Hilary Boudet, Assistant Professor

Ivan Arismendi, Assistant Professor (Senior Research)

James Capshew,Visiting Fellow

Jennifer Gervais,Wildlife ecologist

Jenny Urbina           

Jessica Castillo, Graduate Research Fellow

Joe Cone, Assistant Director

John Antle, Professor

John Kim, Biological Scientist

Josh Foster, Program Manager

Juan C. Benavides, PhD

Julia Rosen, Graduate Student

Julie Watson, PhD Student

Karen Shell, Assistant Professor

Kari O'Connell, Project Coordinator

Kathie Dello, Associate Director

Kathleen Moore, Dr.

Katie Woollven, Graduate Student

Laura Brophy, Faculty

Lindsey Thurman, PhD Fellow

Mark Hixon, Professor

Miriah Kelly, Ph.D. Student

Mohammad Safeeq, Post Doctoral Research Scholar

Mousa Diabat, PhD Student

Nathaniel Brodie, Writer

Peter Beedlow, Ecologist

Philip Mote, Director

Ray Dra