Dr. Bob Brudvig instructs OSU percussion students.

At OSU Music, you'll find an exciting and creative community that challenges students to develop the skills to become successful musicians and professional educators. Our talented faculty are dedicated to high artistry and committed to excellence. Students test their skills and display their talents in a friendly and supportive environment.

For all options:
  • Through a live public presentation, students will demonstrate technical proficiency while applying stylistic features of a variety of musical works, incorporating appropriate aesthetic elements within historical and/or cultural contexts.
  • Through writing projects, aural and written analyses, and written exams, students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the historical development of western art music, its genres, mediums, and composers, within their cultural contexts.
  • Through ensemble performances relevant to their “option,” students will sing or play a large and varied repertoire, demonstrating technical proficiency, accuracy, and musical expressiveness.
Additional outcomes for specific options:

Music Education

  1. Through peer music teaching experiences, students will communicate advanced subject matter understandings with confidence and clarity, demonstrating professional interactions with others.
  2. Upon completion of MUS 236, students will demonstrate advanced music literacy skills through sight-singing, music dictation, error detection, gesture, and intermediate level score analysis.
  3. Through a senior practicum experience, students will demonstrate reflective teaching skills, positive professional interactions with youth and supervisors, and a recognizable self-identity as a future music educator.

Instrumental performance

  1. Through live performance(s), students will demonstrate interpretive and technical skills requisite for solo and ensemble performances of artistic integrity.
  2. Through live presentation(s), students will identify and evaluate the standard performance and pedagogical literature appropriate to the major performing area. This includes solo, chamber, and large ensemble works.
  3. Through live presentation(s), written papers, and/or peer teaching, students will identify pedagogical techniques and leading performers in their primary performance area, identifying contributions they have made.

Vocal performance

  1. Through live performance(s), students will sing in a way that is technically proficient, as well as musically and verbally accurate
  2. Through live performance(s), students will sing with poetic and dramatic intent
  3. Through live performance(s), students will demonstrate an integrated knowledge of music history, theory, and conducting into their performance practice

Music Production

  1. Students will demonstrate technical proficiency using designated recording and editing hardware and software to record both live performance and studio multi-tracking projects.
  2. Students will present a project or thesis that demonstrates their ability to combine an original composition with designated recording and editing software and hardware.

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