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Thank you for exploring the College Student Services Administration (CSSA) program.

The CSSA program is housed in the School of Language, Culture and Society (SLCS) in the College of Liberal Arts (CLA). CLA is one of the three OSU colleges (Education, Science and Liberal Arts) in the Division of Arts & Sciences. As with CSSA, social justice is a foundational commitment within SLCS, which makes for a dynamic academic community in which the CSSA program and its students can thrive and grow.

The CSSA faculty have a sincere commitment to the intellectual and professional formation of those enrolled in the CSSA program.  In that regard, we are invested in supporting the shared and individual needs that students bring to their graduate experience.  Through advising, mentoring and instruction, CSSA students will have the opportunity to explore important historical and contemporary higher education issues and explore essential knowledge regarding students, campus community, and leadership. At its core of the CSSA experience is rooted in social justice and facilitating a profound understanding of the significance of a social justice frame in the delivery of equitable and accessible student services and programs, promoting student learning, facilitating community development, and leading response to emerging campus issues.

CSSA faculty and advisors will continue to build on our nearly 50-year history of preparing students to work and lead in a wide variety of institutions, as well as in an array of student and academic services and programs. In order to sustain our tradition of high-level service to students and the student services profession, we will continue to explore and cultivate best practices in curriculum development and delivery, graduate student support, mentoring and engagement.

Whether you are a current or prospective student, alum, colleague, or faculty member — we appreciate your interest in CSSA and we welcome the opportunity to respond to your inquiries.