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The Intersection of Speech Communication and the Marine Corps

Sam Hang is a 2022 Oregon State University graduate and recipient of an Outstanding Senior award in the School of Communication. Having graduated with a degree in speech communication, Hang applies what she has learned from her major to her everyday life, including her identity as a Marine.

Hang has served in the Marines for several years, and was recently commissioned to be an officer in the Marine Corps.

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Student Focus

Jax Richards: A Spherical Engagement with Life

In a world more socially connected than at any other moment in history, the importance of collaborative, diverse and interdisciplinary approaches to solving problems has become increasingly valued. Jax Richards is a student at Oregon State University who recognized that very early.

OSU’s campus culture inherently encourages students in the College of Liberal Arts, the second most populated college on campus, to communicate and make connections with students from other seemingly distant fields.
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Jax Richards

Casey Ward

Student Focus

Bringing history to life with 3D modeling

NMC student Casey Ward reconstructs places of historical significance for senior thesis

There is a time in every students’ collegiate career when they find their calling—something that inspires them, something that sparks their creativity, something they love. For Casey Ward, his passion project is his senior thesis.

Ward is a new media communications and digital communication arts student and is enrolled in Honors College. Ward, an Oregon State University senior, is working on his thesis project: using 3D modeling to reconstruct places of historical significance for virtual tours.
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