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From Sea to Degree

How student Lauren Steenson earned a spot in the Coast Guard’s advanced education program to pursue New Media Communications at Oregon State University

Most students end up in college the same way. They apply, get accepted, and choose a degree to pursue. But for Lauren Steenson, she did not end up in Oregon State University’s New Media Communications program the traditional way. Steenson had to really work for it.

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Student Focus

Jax Richards: A Spherical Engagement with Life

In a world more socially connected than at any other moment in history, the importance of collaborative, diverse and interdisciplinary approaches to solving problems has become increasingly valued. Jax Richards is a student at Oregon State University who recognized that very early.

OSU’s campus culture inherently encourages students in the College of Liberal Arts, the second most populated college on campus, to communicate and make connections with students from other seemingly distant fields.
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Jax Richards

Student Focus

Heart Work

New doctoral student brings years of experience as a community health worker and co-leader of the CHW Common Indicators Project to the Applied Anthropology track

It’s not every day that a doctoral student enters a program with years of relevant workforce experience already up their sleeves, let alone having already worked with their Ph.D advisor for years prior. Well, Keara Rodela has.

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