Our Mission 

The School of Communication at Oregon State University is a hub for exploring, practicing and researching the dynamic landscape of how individuals competently communicate and connect with each other.

At a growing and innovative research university, we seek to fulfill this mission through the development of top-tier Communication degrees that prepare students for industry standards, trends, and opportunities in communication and media-related fields. We pursue high-quality and relevant research in Communication, as we strive to demonstrate practical work, information and skills with the world.

Our Goals

Goal 1: Create an integrated, cohesive School of Communication through research, teaching and curriculum.

Goal 2: Actively advance our shared commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion through research, teaching and curriculum.

Goal 3: Develop a regionally-known body of innovative research surrounding key questions of communication and media.

We aim to:

  • Gain recognition for consistently-cited, award-winning research
  • Generate interdisciplinary research activity tied to practical outcomes, both inside and outside the university

Goal 4: Become a destination for the next generation of students interested in the dynamic field of media and communication.

We aim to:

  • Lead with innovative approaches to teaching communication, anchored by our foundation of traditional areas of research and practice
  • Empower students to find career success, lifelong meaning and professional fulfillment

Goal 5: Foster a sense of community, within the school, across the university and beyond our campus.

We aim to:

  • Invite and encourage involvement with individuals across Oregon State University—beyond the scope of the College of Liberal Arts
  • Promote and cultivate enduring relationships with alumni, encouraging engagement through mentorship, outreach, events and philanthropic efforts