Our Mission

The College of Liberal Arts brings critical methods and crucial insights of the arts, humanities and social sciences to the enduring and contemporary issues facing our world. The college prepares students for challenging careers and empowers them to live lives of achievement, courage, contribution and meaning. Our work contributes to building a more just, secure and promising future. CLA is the fulcrum of this prominent, international research university.

Degrees and Programs

With 66 academic programs across 4 campuses, the College of Liberal Arts has a program for every student. In addition to undergraduate and graduate courses, CLA offers certificate programs (validating a student's knowledge of specific skills within an undergraduate degree) and pre-professional programs (undergraduate programs that prepare students for a professional degree after their bachelor's).

All Degrees and Programs

Undergraduate Degrees and Programs

Graduate Degrees and Programs

Certificate and Pre-Professional Programs

Centers and Initiatives

Whether it's promoting excellence in engaged research, teaching and outreach in Latin@ studies; creating alliances between the humanities and environmental science; or expanding Oregon state's boarders even further beyond our campus, College of Liberal Arts centers and initiatives provide critical insight into some of the issues that face us directly. They also give our students opportunities to grow in an increasingly global society, so that they're even more prepared to make positive changes in the world.

Centers and Initiatives