Businesses want employees who can think, communicate orally, write, and solve problems, and who are comfortable with quantitative analysis. The Economics Major perfectly prepares students to meet these demands.

School of Public Policy Career Services
Curated by CLA's Assistant Director of Career Development, Karla Rockhold, you can download PDFs for SPP major-specific information about internships, skills, hot jobs, professional organizations and sample degree options. Follow links on the page to make an appointment with a career advisor and get started with Handshake, the #1 way college students find jobs.

A Career in's much more than you think
Much more than finance, banking, business and government, a degree in economics is useful to all individuals and can lead to many interesting career choices. Four individuals offer their insights...

What do economists do?

Why Major in Economics at Oregon State University?
Study the way people make decisions; develop critical thinking; address issues in a concrete and quantitative way; acquire skills applicable to everyday life. Five students discuss why they chose Economics at's much more than you think.

OSU Undergraduate Alumni Career Information is a sample listing of public and private corporations where our bachelors degree alumni have found careers.

The American Economic Association Undergraduate Economics website describes economics for students who are considering college study and provides information useful to current undergraduate students looking into careers or graduate studies.

Look here to see job titles of recent bachelors recipients.

OSU Career Development Center is where you'll find job postings, information about career fairs, resume building, interviewing skills, networking, and much more. The Career Development Center works with current students and alumni from both Corvallis and E-campuses.

JOE Listings (AEA posted Job Openings for Economists) is a source for job seekers with graduate degrees.

Our Instructor Pool application is in Oregon State University's job posting website.