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Welcome to the OSU Political Science Program

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Our Vision:

The political science program at Oregon State University is a community of scholars devoted to excellence in research and teaching about politics and government at the local, state, federal, and global levels.

Our Mission:

The political science program at Oregon State advances the understanding of politics, power and policy.  As scholars, we extend the boundaries of knowledge about politics through original research that is presented to the academic community and the public.  As teachers, we convey the disciplinary body of knowledge to students and train them in the skills and methods used to generate that knowledge.  We encourage our students to think critically, and in an informed way, about politics and public life.


About Us:

In the Political Science Program, you'll learn the ideas of great political thinkers, controversies involved in issues as current as the front page of today's newspapers, and everything in between.  You will have engaging discussions and debates from all points of view in class, with students and professors.

You'll learn to think critically, write clearly and speak persuasively.  You'll learn the stories behind the headlines and how to find the information to make up your own mind about issues as diverse as assisted suicide, international terrorism, campaign finance, or censorship.

Andrew Valls

Our faculty are nationally and internationally renowned experts in their respective fields, as well as dedicated teachers. Please see our Faculty & Staff page for a list of their research and teaching skills. 

Political Science students come from many different backgrounds and have a wide range of interests, such as pre-law, domestic and foreign government, public policy, political activism, international relations, and political thought.  

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