GD424, Brand Identity Systems

Project title:

Project Description:
The re-brand or brand refresh is a quarter-long assignment that tasks students to take a long look at what constitutes brand identity, development, and identity design. Students consider the factors that go into the identity design including a target audience, brand values, big picture for the brand, it’s persona and tone-of-voice, and brand messaging.

The identity design goes well past a logo, and considers the entirety of the system: A flexible logo for multiple applications, typography system and color palette, additional graphics system or mascot. Students also look to establish a photographic tone-of-voice to complement the brand identity system.

Kylie Haney, Erika Iizuka, Julie Kenyon, Leo Li,  Derek Liu, Alek Newton, Michael Nolan, Emma Palin,  Yoojin Seol, Iona Tappouni, and Aimee WIlliams