The Theatre Arts Area offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) degree option in theatre within the Speech Communication major. The Theatre Arts option emphasizes a liberal arts approach to theatre history, practice, and production. All students pursuing the degree complete a core of classes designed to introduce them to fundamental elements of the art. The large remaining portion of the option is split between courses in history/theory/literature and those focusing on design/technical/performance matters. Students select specific classes within each disciplinary area to match their interests (performance, design, literature, etc.) while meeting key degree requirements. The result is a theatre education grounded in a liberal arts perspective and emphasizing a basic knowledge of all theatre elements. The area offers a similarly structured minor in Theatre Arts.

The Theatre Arts Area facilities are located in Withycombe Hall. The Main Stage Theatre seats approximately 350 in a modified-proscenium arrangement while the flexible Laboratory Theatre seats around 100. Both spaces function as classrooms as well as performance venues.

The University Theatre (UT) is the producing arm of the Theatre Arts Area. Students from across campus collaborate with UT faculty, staff, and guest artists to create theatre productions throughout the academic year and summer. Students from all colleges and departments across campus are encouraged and welcome to participate.

The Theatre Arts Area also participates in the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS) degree program.

Theatre Arts learning outcomes

B.A. in Theatre Arts - Degree Plan

B.S. in Theatre Arts - Degree Plan