Alumni: PhD Students


Courtney Everson, WGSS PhD Minor, 2015

Ph.D. in Applied Anthropology. Dissertation: "'I'm a Mom too!' - Stigma, Support & Contested Identities among Adolescent Mothers in the United States." Committee: Dr. Melissa Cheyney (chair), Dr. Marit Bovbjerg, Dr. Donna Champeau, Dr. Urszula Iwaniec, Dr. Janet Lee, and Dr. Kenneth Maes.

Michelle Marie, WGSS PhD Minor, 2016

Ph.D. in Design and Human Environment. Dissertation: "Lived Experiences of 'Beautiful' Women: A Postmodern Feminist Exploration of Beauty Discourse and Identity."



Tucker Readdy, Women Studies PhD Minor, 2010

Ph.D. in Exercise and Sport Science. Dissertation: "Weighing in on NBC’s 'The Biggest Loser': Surveillance Medicine, Self-Concept, and Gender on the Scale." Committee: Dr. Vicki Ebbeck (chair), Dr. Brad Cardinal, Dr. Janet Lee, and Dr. Patti Watkins. Current: Associate Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator in Exercise and Sport Psychology at the University of Wyoming.

Susan D. Turner, Women Studies PhD Minor, 2010

Ph.D. in Education. Dissertation: "Exploring Resilience in the Lives of Women Leaders in Early Childhood Health, Human Services, and Education." Committee: Dr. LeoNora Cohen (chair), Dr. Janet Lee, Dr. Becky Warner, Dr. Patti Watkins, Dr. Ken Winograd, and Dr. Susan M. Shaw.



Mehra Shirazi, Women Studies PhD Minor, 2006

Ph.D. in Public Health Promotion and Education. Mehra also recieved a PhD Minor in Environmental Health Managment. Dissertation: "Breast Cancer Screening Behaviors of Immigrant Iranian Women." Committee: Donna Champeau (chair), Dr. Charles Langford, Dr. Anne Rossignol, and Dr. Susan Shaw. Current: Assistant Professor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Oregon State University.



Marilyn J. Barlow, Women Studies PhD Minor, 2003

Ph.D. in Familly Resource Managment. Dissertation: "In their Own Words: Divorced and Widowed Women, Retirement, and Friendships." Committee: Leslie N. Richards and Geraldine I. Olson (co-chairs).

Áine M. Humble, Women Studies PhD Minor, 2003

Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Studies. Dissertation: "'Doing Weddings': Couples' Gender Strategies in Wedding Preparation." Committee: Dr. Alexis J. Walker and Dr. Anisa M. Zvonkovic (co-chairs). Current: Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator in Family Studies & Gerontology at Mount Saint Vincent University.



Lori McGraw, Women Studies PhD Minor, 2002

Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Studies. Dissertation: "Connections between Women's Unpaid Family Work and their Family Relationships: A Feminist Analysis." Committee: Dr. Alexis J. Walker (chair), Dr. Karen Hooker and Dr. Janet Lee. Current: Senior Instructor in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences at Oregon State University.

Margaret Manoogian, Women Studies PhD Minor, 2002

Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Studies. Dissertation: "Linking Generations: The Family Legacies of Older Armenian Mothers." Committee: Dr. Alexis J. Walker and Dr. Leslie N. Richards (co-chairs), Dr. Barbara Cusimano and Dr. Janet Lee. Current: Associate Professor, Gerontology Division, Behavioral Sciences at Western Oregon University.



Tamara Lee, Women Studies PhD Minor, 1998

Ph.D. in Public Health. Dissertation: "Life Stories of High-Risk White Female Teens: Qualitative Restrospective Interviews with Adolescents Ten Years after Participation in a Dropout and Pregnancy Prevention Program." Dr. Margaret M. Smith (chair), Dr. Luana Beeson, Dr. Anna Harding, Rr. Arlene Holyoak, and Dr. Janet Lee.


Alumni: Master's Students


Blayne Amson, MAIS 2016

Blayne completed a M.A.I.S. (Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies/Human Development and Family Services) project, "A New Supportive Role: Allyship and Disability Justice," under the direction of Dr. Qwo-Li Driskill (chair), Dr. Janet Lee, Dr. Nana Osei-Kofi, and Dr. David Bernell.

Drew Dakessian, MA 2016

Drew completed her M.A. thesis, "Internet Usage of College Women with ADD/ADHD," under the direction of Dr. Patti Duncan (chair), Dr. Mehra Shirazi, Dr. Janet Lee, Dr. Stephanie Jenkins, and Professor Sara Jameson.

Addie Davidove, MA 2017

Addie completed her M.A. thesis, "Nepantla Collaboration: Strategic Support for LGBTQ Populations," under the direction of Dr. Liddy Detar (chair), Dr. Bradley Boovy, Dr. Juan Herrera, and Dr. Rorie Solberg.

Emilee Hunt, MA 2017

Emillee completed her thesis "Institutional (In)Justice: Queer and Trans Survivors’ Experiences Accessing Resources at Oregon State University and the University of Oregon" under the direction of Dr. Patti Duncan (chair), Dr. Qwo-Li Driskill, Dr. Brenda McComb, and Dr. Mehra Shirazi. Current: Outreach and Education, Rape Crisis and Intervention.

O'Dessa Monnier, MA 2016

O'Dessa completed her M.A. thesis, "Women's Political Autobiographies," under the direction of Dr. Patti Duncan (chair), Dr. Susan Shaw, Dr. Liddy Detar, and Dr. Molly Engle.  Current: PhD Student in Women's Studies at the University of York.

Amélie Ollivier, MA 2017

Amélie completed her thesis "’I Couldn’t Bring Myself to Say It’: Challenging Heteronormativity in Teacher Education Programs" under the direction of Dr. Nana Osei-Kofi (chair), Dr. Natchee Barnd, Dr. Bradlley Boovy, and Dr. Rican Vue.

Ashley Rowe, MA 2017

Ashlley completed her thesis "The Politics of Population: A Transnational Feminist Analysis of India's National Population Policy of 2000" under the direction of Dr. Janet Lee (chair).

Raquel Rosario Sánchez, MA 2016

Raquel completed her M.A. thesis “The Construction of Masculinity in the Online Communities Where Men Talk About Their Experiences as Buyers in the Sex Trade” under the direction of Dr. Susan Shaw (chair), Dr. Bradley Boovy, Dr. Amy Koehlinger, and Dr. Janet Lee.

Karissa Sabine, MA 2017

Karisa completed her thesis, "Girlhood Reimagined: Representations of Girlhood in the Films of Hayao Miyazaki," under the direction of Dr. Bradley Boovy (chair).

Vanessa Vanderzee, MA 2017

Vanessa completed her thesis, "Accessing Health Care on the Asexual Spectrum: A Feminist Analysis of Patient-Practitioner Relationships and Compulsory Sexuality in Medical Discourse," under the direction of Dr. Mehra Shirazi (chair), Dr. Qwo-Li Driskill, and Dr. Elizabeth Gorman, and Dr. Janet Lee.

Marcos Viveros Céspedes, MAIS 2016

Marcos completed his M.A.I.S. (Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies/Adult Education) thesis, “The Experiences of Male Students in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies,” under the direction of Dr. Susan Shaw (Chair), Dr. Janet Lee, Dr. Shelley Dubkin-Lee and Professor Yuji Hiratsuka.



Daryl Adkins, MA 2016  

Daryl completed her M.A. thesis, "Sites of Memory: Black Women's Geographies, #SayHerName Protests, and Black Hair Politics," under the direction of Dr. Patti Duncan (chair), Dr. Qwo-Li Driskill, Dr. Philipp Kneis, Dr. Nana Osei-Kofi, and Dr. Robert Thompson.

Suha Hassen, MA 2016  

Suha's M.A. thesis, "Investigating Sexual and Gender-Based Violence as a Weapon of War and a Tool of Genocide against Indigenous Yazidi Women and Girls by the Islamic State, was completed under the direction of Dr. Mehra Shirazi (chair), Dr. Patti Duncan, Dr. Qwo-Li Driskill, and Dr. Jessica White. Suha also earned a Graduate Certificate in College and University Teaching. Current: Ph.D. Student in the School for Conflict Ananlysis and Resolution at George Mason University.

Silvia Heilbut-Guillen (Fulbright Scholar), MA 2016  

Silvia completed her M.A. thesis, "Sexo en las Márgenes: Troubling Sexuality Education in Colombia and Embracing a Critical Sexuality Education Framework Towards Social Justice," under the direction of Dr. Nana Osei-Kofi (chair), Dr. Bradley Boovy, Dr. Juan Antonio Trujillo, and Laurie Bridges.

Lizz Koch, MA 2016 

Lizz completed her M.A. thesis, "'I've Lived on these Streets, and these Streets aren't Pretty': The Life Stories of Corvallis Homeless Women" under the direction of Dr. Mehra Shirazi (chair), Dr. Liddy Detar, Kryn Freehling-Burton, and Dr. Daniel Lopez-Cevallos.

Andrés López, MA 2016 

Andrés completed his M.A. thesis, "Ni de aquí ni de alla: A Mythohistoriography of Growing Up In-Between," under the direction of Dr. Qwo-Li Driskill (chair), Dr. Patti Duncan, Dr. Christina León, and Dr. Marta Maldonado. He also recieved an MA minor in Queer Studies. Current: PhD Student in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Oregon State University.

Megan Spencer, MA 2016

Megan's research interests include black and women of color feminisms, black literature and aesthetics as resistance, queer theory, racialized constructions of gender and sexuality, and historical/ancestral trauma related to slavery and settler colonialism. She completed her M.A. thesis, "Cartographies of Haunting: Black Feminist Refusal in Toni Morrison's A Mercy and Octavia Butler's Kindred," under the direction of Dr. Qwo-Li Driskill (chair), Dr. Patti Duncan, Dr. Elizabeth Sheehan, and Dr. Christina León. Megan also completed the MA minor in Queer Studies. Current: PhD Student in Feminist Studies at the University of Calinfornia, Santa Barbara.

Alex Villalba, MA 2016

Alex completed a M.A. thesis entitled "Putting Coyolxauhqui Back Together: Queer Neplantleras Rewriting Latinx Memory," under the direction of Dr. Qwo-Li Driskill (chair), Dr. Patti Duncan, Dr. Christina León, and Dr. Juan Herrera.

Luhui Whitebear, MAIS 2016

Luhui completed her M.A.I.S. (Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies/Ethnic Studies/Queer Studies) thesis, "Oppression from Within: AIM, Heteropatriarchy, Settler Colonialism, and the Death of Anna Mae Aquash," under the direction of Dr. Qwo-Li Driskill (chair), Dr. Patti Duncan, Dr. Natchee Barnd, and Dr. Daniel Newhart. Luhui is the first student at OSU to include Queer Studies in their M.A.I.S. degree. Current: PhD Student in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Oregon State University; Assistant Director of Eena Haws Native American Longhouse at Oregon State University.

Chelsea Whitlow Shay, MAIS 2016

Chelsea completed her MAIS degree (Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies/Art) for a project and exhibit in late fall 2015, under the direction of Dr. Patti Duncan (chair), Dr. Bradley Boovy, Dr. Julie Green, and Dr. Brenda McComb.



Amber Coyne, MA Queer Studies Minor, 2015

MA in Public Health. Dr. Qwo-Li Driskill (Queer Studies Advisor). Current: Shop Owner, Femme Provisions.

Melissa Crocker, MAIS 2015

M.A.I.S. (Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies/Contempoary Hispanic Studies) thesis: "Leaving the Closet: Coming Out Experiences of Queer Chicanas and Latinas and Their Representation in Television. Committee: Dr. Crystal Boson (chair), Dr. Qwo-Li Driskill, Dr. Juan Antonio Trujillo.

Kali Furman, MA 2015

Tthesis: "Gender, Race, and Nation in the Dear America Series" under the direction of Dr. Janet Lee (chair), Dr. Marisa Chappell, and Dr. Molly Engle, and Dr. Elizabeth Sheehan. Kali also completed the Graduate Certificate in Univeristy Teaching. Current: Ph.D. Student in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Oregon State University.

Lisa Hendrick, MAIS 2015

M.A.I.S. (Ethnic Studies/Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies) thesis: "A Tale of Two Schools: Exploring Race and Class Inequalities for Latino Students in the Salem-Keizer School District." Dr. Ronald Mize (chair), Dr. Mehra Shirazi, and Dr. Adam Schwartz.

Rodney C. Perry, MAIS 2015

M.A.I.S. (Speech Communication/Sociology/Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies) thesis: "Resisting Society's Influence: Selling Sex in Women's Professional Sports." Committee: Dr. Trischa Goodnow (chair), Dr. Dwaine Plaza, and Dr. Susan Shaw. Current: Assistant Coach-Secondary for Oregon State University Beavers Football.

Rebecca Jo Schaffeld, MA Women Studies Minor, 2015

M.A. in  College Student Services and Administration.

April Whitney, MAIS 2015

M.A.I.S. (Speech Communication/Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies) thesis: "Constituting the Invisible : An Examination of the Social Construction and Communication of Female Bisexual Identity." Committee: Dr. Elizabeth Root (chair), Dr. Bradley Boovy, Dr. Trischa Goodnow, and Dr. Paul Kopperman. Current: Admissions Representative for INTO Oregon State Univeristy.



Whitney Archer, MA 2014

Whitney completed an M.A. thesis, "Negotiating Conflicted Climates: The Experiences of Transgender Students Attending Women's Colleges," in 2014 under the direction of Dr. Susan Shaw (chair), Dr. Bradley Boovy, Dr. Patti Duncan, and Dr. Brenda McComb. Whitney also completed an MA in College Student Services Administration. Current: Assistant Director of the Women's Center at Oregon State University.

Clare Conway, MA 2014

Thesis: "You Better Work: Negotiating Race, Sexuality, Gender, and Neoliberalism in Plus-Size Fashion Blogs." Committee: Dr. Elizabeth Sheehan (chair), Dr. Bradley Boovy, and Dr. Patti Watkins. Current: Elementary Staff, Bookworm Program Coordinator at Girls Inc. of Chattanooga.

Leah Houtman, MA 2014

Thesis: "'It's Not about Place it's about Space': Place-of-Birth Decision-Making in Cork, Ireland." Committee: Dr. Melissa J. Cheyney (chair), Kryn Freehling-Burton, and Dr. Mehra Shirazi. Current: Ph.D. Student in Biocultural Anthropology at Oregon State University.

Stephanie L. McClure, MA 2014

Thesis: "Voices within a Gray World: An Evaluation of Oregon State University's Sexual and Dating Violence Prevention Curriculum."  Dr. Mehra Shirazi, Chair. Current: Director of the Women's Center at Weber State University.

Sahar Mohtashamipour, MA 2014

Sahar completed her M.A. thesis, "'Freedom from What?' Iraqi Women's Narratives from the 2003 U.S.-Led War" under the direction of Dr. Mehra Shirazi (chair), Dr. Bradley Boovy, Dr. Patti Duncan, Dr. Susan Shaw, and Dr. Sebastian Heiduschke.

Aisha K. Nasser, MA 2014

Thesis: "The Art of Resisting the Patriarch." Committee: Dr. Anita Helle (chair), Dr. Liddy Detar, Dr. Mehra Shirazi, and Dr. Adam Schwartz.

Jyl Wheaton-Abraham, MA Queer Studies Minor, 2014

M.A. in Applied Anthropology. Thesis: "'They Said I Would Never Amount to Anything': the Life of a Kootenai Woman." Jyl is the first student at OSU to obtain a minor in Queer Studies at any level. Dr. Joan Gross (chair), Dr. Qwo-Li Driskill (Queer Studies Advisor).



Julie Ann George, MAIS 2013

M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/Sociology) thesis: "Feminist and Mormon: Reconciling Ideals of Equality and a Culture of Patriarchy." Dr. Susan Shaw, Chair.

Stephanie Glick, MAIS 2013

Stephanie completed her M.A.I.S. (Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies/Education) thesis, "Unpacking Success: How Women and Girls Measure Up at the Mitraniketan School," in 2013 under the direction of Dr. Patti Duncan (chair), Dr. Shelley Dubkin-Lee, Dr. Sebastian Heiduschke, and Dr. Mehra Shirazi. Current: Doctoral Student in Educational Studies at the University of Brisith Columbia.

Neha Neelwarne, MAIS 2013

Neha completed her MAIS thesis, "Toward a Framework for a Feminist Microfinance Organization," in 2013 under the direction of Dr. Patti Duncan.

Jeanna A. Ramos, MAIS 2013

M.A.I.S. (Ethnic Studies/Philosophy/Women Studies) thesis: "Learning from Women of Color within the United States Forest Service." Dr. Norma Cárdenas (chair), Dr. Joseph Orosco, and Dr. Merha Shirazi.



Nancy Staton Barbour, MAIS 2012

Nancy completed her MAIS degree in 2012. Her thesis, "Global Citizen, Global Consumer: University Study Abroad and the Eat, Pray, Love Multicultural Model," was directed by Dr. Patti Duncan. Current: Instructor and Writing Advisor/Assessment Coordinator for the School of Language, Culture, and Society at Oregon State University.

Rachel Brinker, MA 2012

Thesis: "'Walloped' by the Weather? Deflections, Diversions, and Dubious Representations of Women in Climate Change Discourse." Dr. Janet Lee (chair), Dr. Patti Duncan, Dr. Tony Vogt, and Dr. Trischa Goodnow. Current: Founder of Proud Mama Support Services.

Erin Dubyak, MA 2012

Erin completed her M.A. thesis, "'Flying the Plane as We Build It': A Qualitative Study of an Organization's Goals and Actions Toward the Prevention of Exploited Female Youth," in 2012 under the direction of Dr. Janet Lee (chair), Dr. Patti Duncan, Dr. Carrie Baker, and Dr. Norma Cardenas.

Nicolette M. Pastre, MAIS 2012 

M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/Anthropology) thesis: "Are Single Classified Women's Needs being Addressed by the Union in a University Environment?" Dr. Susan Shaw (chair).

Nadya A. Al-Sheikhly, MAIS 2012

M.A.I.S. (Adult Education/Women Studies/English) thesis: "Saudi Arabian Women Pursuing Higher Education at Oregon State University." Committee: Dr. Shelley Dubkin-Lee (Chair), Dr. David Bernell, Dr. Patti Duncan, and Dr. Anita Helle.



Nahed Al Shareif, MEng Women Studies Minor, 2011.


Andrea Doyle Hugmeyer, MAIS 2011

Andrea completed her M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/Sociology) thesis, "The Impact of Feminist Pedagogy on Students Enrolled in Online Women's Studies Courses," in 2011 under the direction of Dr. Janet Lee (chair), Dr. Norma Cardenas, Dr. Patti Duncan, and Dr. Dwaine Plaza. Current: Assistant Director of Abby's House at Western Oregon University.

Heather Montes Ireland, MA 2011

Heather completed her M.A. thesis, "Transnational Feminism and the Microfinance (R)evolution: Excavating Microlending from Neoliberalism," in 2011 under the direction of Dr. Patti Duncan (chair), Dr. Janet Lee, Dr. Patti Sakurai, and Dr. Karen Holmberg. Current: Ph.D. in Gender Studies with a Latino Studies Minor, Indiana University 2016. Assistant Professor of Women's & Gender Studies at DePaul University.

Laia C. Robichaux, MS Women Studies Minor, 2011.

M.S. in Science Education. Thesis: "Gender and Science Identity and the Visitor Experience: Looking Closely at Aquarium Visitors." Dr. Lynn D. Dierking, Chair.



Amanda L. Littke-Kellam, MAIS 2010

M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/English) thesis: "Morrison's Magical Reality: Disrupting the Politics of Memory." Dr. Anita Helle, Chair. Current: English Teacher, North Salem High School in Salem, OR.

Elizabeth McNeil, MAIS 2010

Elizabeth McNeil completed the M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/Political Science) degree in 2010, with a thesis entitled "'Wedding Bells, Binaries, and the Heterosexual Menace," under the direection of Dr. Susan Shaw.



Dianna M. Fisher, MA Women Studies Minor, 2009

M.A. in Anthropology. Thesis: "Living Between Two Cultures: An Ethnographic Study of American Women Converts to Islam." Committee: Dr. David McMurray (chair), Dr. Karen Hooker, and Dr. Susan Shaw. Current: Director of Open Oregon State at Oregon State University.

Giovanna Muir, MAIS 2009

M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/Sociology) thesis: "Fear Inspiring Faith: A Rhetorical Analysis of Watchtower and Awake!" Dr. Susan Shaw, Chair.



Kathryn Atwood-Wheeler, MAIS 2008

M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/History/Sociology) thesis: "Gender and Race Stereotypes in Advertisements in Science, 2004-2006." Dr. Janet Lee, Chair.

L. Fatemeh Fakhraie, MS Women Studies Minor, 2008

M.S. in Design and Human Environment. Thesis: "Effects of Socioeconomic Status on Hijab Style Preferences in Urban Iranian Women." Dr. Kathy Mullet, Chair.

Heidi Loebach, MS Women Studies Minor, 2008


Melissa Morales-Warming, MAIS 2008

M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/Ethnic Studies/Philosophy) thesis: "Leadership and Loyalty Revisited: Catholic Latinas and Leadership." Committee: Dr. Susan Shaw (chair), Dr. Joseph Orosco, Dr. Steve Rupert, and Dr. Robert Thomson.

November R. Papaleo, MAIS 2008

M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/English) thesis: "Confessing our Sims: The Construction of Gender and Sexuality among Women Ages 18-22 on MySpace." Dr. Susan Shaw (chair). Current: PhD in Gender and Women's Studies with a Minor in Rhetoric, Composition, & the Teaching of English from the University of Arizona.

Amanda R. Wright, MAIS 2008

M.A.I.S. (Speech Communication/Women Studies) thesis: "Identifying Audiences: a Rhetorical Analysis of Mary Shaw’s Suffrage Plays." Committee: Dr. Mark Porrovecchio (chair), Dr. Marion Rossi, Dr. Susan Shaw, and Dr. John Simonsen.



Kryn Freehling-Burton, MAIS 2007

M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/Theatre) thesis: "Passage through the Vagina Monologues: A College Anti-Violence Rite." Committee: Dr. Susan Shaw (chair), Dr. Becky Donatelle, Dr. Janet Lee, and Dr. Marion Rossi. Current: Senior Instructor, Core Faculty and E-Campus Coordinator. Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Oregon State University.

Michelle Marie, MAIS 2007

M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/Philosophy) thesis: "A Thematic Feminist Analysis of Best-Selling Children's Picture Books." Commiteee: Dr. Susan Shaw (Chair), Dr. Mina Carson, Janet Nishihara, and Dr. Lani Roberts. Current: Ph.D. in Design and Human Development from Oregon State University, 2016; Coordinator for the Writing Center at Oregon State University.

Megan Notter, MS Women Studies Minor, 2007

M.S. in Human Development and Family Sciences. Thesis: "Resilience in Adulthood: Turning Points and Generativity." Committee: Dr. Katherine A. MacTavish (chair), Dr. Alexis Walker and Dr. Rebecca Warner.

Cathleen Osborne-Gowey, MA Women Studies Minor, 2007

M.A. in Applied Anthropology. Thesis: "'No One Cared We was Just Indian Women': Plants as a Catalyst to Eastern Shawnee Women's Identity Change." Dr. Deanna M. Kingston (chair), Dr. Joan Gross, Dr. Janet Lee, Dr. Aaron Liston, and Dr. Nancy Rosenberger.

Erin A. Stone, MAIS 2007

M.A.I.S. (Speech Communication/Women Studies) thesis: "Women and Workplace Competition: a Study of Horizontal Hostility." Dr. Celeste Walls, Chair.

Marieke L. Steuben, MAIS 2007

M.A.I.S. (English/Women Studies) thesis: "Voices of CALYX: Narratives of Feminist Publishing Activism, 1976-2006." Committee: Dr. Laura Rice (chair), Dr. Courtney Campbell, Dr. Lisa Ede, Anita Helle, and Dr. Janet Lee.



Meghan E. Barp, MAIS 2005

M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/Human Development and Family Studies) thesis: "Managing a Non-Profit Organization: Directors' Views from the Top." Dr. Susan Shaw, Chair.

Jolyn E. Dahlvig, MAIS 2006

M.A.I.S. (Adult Educaiton/Women Studies/College Student Services Administration) thesis: "Career Decision-Making Self-Efficacy of Evangelical Christian College Women." Dr. Rich Shintaku, Chair. 

Leslie N. McCabe, MA Women Studies Minor, 2005

M.A. in History of Science. Thesis: "The Light within Us: Quaker Women in Science." Dr. Robert A. Nye, Chair.

Roni Sue, MA Women Studies Minor, 2006

M.A. in Applied Ethics. Thesis: "Sexual Harassment and Restorative Justice: A Transformative Approach to Addressing Sexual Harassment Claims." Committee: Dr. Lani Roberts (chair), Dr. Mina Carson, Dr. Courtney Campbell, Dr. Janet Lee.

Andrew Vaughn, MS Women Studies Minor, 2006

M.S. Sport & Excercise Psychology. Current: Co-Founder and CEO, Tandew, LLC.

Susan Elaine Wood, MAIS 2006

M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/English) thesis: "Twin Peaks and the Ideological Problematic of Feminine Representation: An Examination of the Character Audrey Horne." Dr. Susan Shaw, Chair.



Dawn M. Christiansen Cuéllar, MAIS 2005

M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/Applied Anthropology) thesis: "Thoughts of Talk at Work: Communication in a Feminist Battered Women's Shelter." Committee: Dr. Janet Lee (chair), Dr. Joan Gross, and Dr. Susan Shaw.

Michelle Kilkenny, MAIS 2005

M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/Sociology) thesis: "Women: Pregnancy and Sexual Activity" under the direction of Dr. Susan Shaw (chair).

Melanie S. Love, MAIS 2005

M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/Philosophy) thesis: "The Consequences and Effects for Male Students in the Women Studies Classroom." Dr. Janet Lee, Chair.

Shireen A. Soltani, MAIS 2005

M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/Ethnic Studies) thesis: "Domestic Violence in Iran." Dr. Susan Shaw, Chair.

Amanda Barrett Wittman, MS Women Studies Minor, 2005

M.S. in College Student Services Administration.

Suzanne M. Wilson, MAIS 2005

M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/Sociology) thesis: "A Qualitative Study of Women in Modern Day Polygamous Households in the United States." Dr. Susan Shaw, Chair.



Jennifer Almquist, MAIS 2004

M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/Sociology) thesis: "Incredible Lives: An Ethnography of Southern Oregon Womyn's Lands." Dr. Susan Shaw, Chair. Current: Ph.D. in Anthropology, Oregon State University 2012; Chief Assistant to the President of Oregon State University.

Teresa Ashford, MS Women Studies Minor, 2004

M.S. in Human Delopment and Family Studies. Thesis: "Recounting, Rethinking, and Reclaiming Menstruation." Dr. Alexis J. Walker, Chair. Currrent: Owner, Director, and Head Teacher at Aspen Academy, LLC.

Sriyanthi Gunewardena, MAIS 2004

M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/Political Science) thesis: "Exploring Sri-Lankan Women's Migration Experiences in L.A. County: Three Stories, Three Lives." Dr. Susan Shaw, Chair.

Amy L. Leer-Beyerlein, MAIS 2004

M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/History) thesis: "A Qualitative Feminist Analysis of Welfare Mothers and Human Capital." Dr. Susan Shaw, Chair.

Aubrae M. Vanderpool, MAIS 2004

M.A.I.S. (English/Women Studies) thesis: "Virginia Woolf and 'A Woman's Autobiography': Rewriting Victorian Conventions of Autobiography." Committee: Dr. Anita Helle (chair), Dr. Janet Lee, Dr. Vicki Tolar Burton, Dr. Marion Rossi.

Suzanne M. Wilson, MAIS 2004

M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/Sociology) thesis: "A Qualitative Study of Women in Modern Day Polygamous Households in the United States." Dr. Susan Shaw. Chair.



Jessica Ashley, MAIS 2003

M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/Speech Communication) thesis: "InHERitance: The Transmission of Women's Inalienable Possessions, Personal Narrative and the Mother-Daughter Bond." Dr. Susan Shaw, Chair.



Rebecca L. Farrow, MAIS 2002

M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/English) thesis: "(In)forming the Female Bildungsroman in Jean Rhys's Wide Sargasso Sea and Jamaica Kincaid's Annie John." Commitee: Dr. Susan Shaw (chair), Dr. Anita Helle, Dr. Patti Sakurai, and Dr. Ame Skaugset.

Trina Robin Filan, MAIS 2002

M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/Adult Education/Anthroplogy) thesis: "Women Farmers and Ranchers and Agricultural Knowledge: Gender, Experience, and Connection." Committee: Dr. Susan Shaw (chair), Dr. Joan Gross, and Dr. John Prickel.

Jennifer Gilmore, MAIS 2002

M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/Sociology) Thesis: "From Sister to Sister to Woman: The Role of Sororities in the Social Transmission of Gender." Dr. Susan Shaw, Chair. Current: Elementary School Teacher, American School of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Barbara Kessel, MA Women Studies Minor, 2002

M.Ed. Current: Academic Advisor for BioHealth Science, Oregon State University.

Katja Pettinen, MA Women Studies Minor, 2002

M.A. in Applied Athropology. Thesis: "The Role of Radical Action in the Animal Rights Movement." Committee: Dr. Joan Gross (chair), Dr. Mina Carson, Dr. Natalie Dollar, and Dr. Nancy Rosenberger.



Cecelia V. Carey, MAIS 2001

M.A.I.S. (English/Women Studies) thesis: "Bildungsroman in Contemporary Black Women's Fiction." Dr. David Robinson, Chair.

Suzanne M. Gaulocher, MAIS 2001

M.A.I.S. (Applied Anthropology/Women Studies) thesis: "Silenced Voices: Maids in Singapore." Committee: Dr. Sunil Khanna, Chair. Current: PhD from Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin—Madison; Master’s of Public Health from University of Wisconsin; Director of Community Engaged Learning in Health at Stanford University's Haas Center for Public Service.

Katherine Elise Vickers, MA Women Studies Minor, 2001

M.A. in Applied Anthhropology. Thesis: "Ghanaian Women, Creating Economic Security: An Analysis of Gender, Development, and Power in the Volta Region of Ghana, West Africa." Committee: Dr. John A. Young (chair).



Heather L. Burns, MAIS 2000

M.A.I.S. (Communication/Adult Education/Women Studies) thesis: "Critical Pedagogy Abroad: A Case Study of the Center for Global Education in Mexico." Committee: Dr. Natalie Dollar (chair), Dr. Denise Lach, Dr. John Prickle, and Dr. Susan Shaw. Current: EdD. Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Leadership for Sustainability Education (LSE) Graduate Program in the Educational Leadership and Policy Department at Portland State University.

C. Leigh Felesky, MAIS 2000

M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/Speech Communicatin/Business Administration) thesis: "Uncovering Women's Magazines: Editors' Perspectives on the Relationship between Editorial and Advertising Content in Women's Fashion/Beauty Magazines." Dr. Judith K. Bowker (Chair), Dr. Courtney Campbell, Dr. James McAlexander, and Dr. Kari Whittenberger-Keith.

Amy Gauthier, MA Women Studies Minor, 2000


Tami Hotard, MA Women Studies Minor, 2000

M.A. in English. Thesis: "A Literary Discourse on the Evolution of Gender & Sexuality in the First & Second Waves of Feminism: Charlotte Perkins Gilman's 'The Yellow Wallpaper' Deconstructs Established Gender Roles as Willa Cather's "Paul's Case" Reconstructs Them." Dr. Laura Rice (chair), Dr. Sonia Anderson, Dr. Tracey Daugherty, Dr. Susan Shaw.

Courtney Lonergan, MA Women Studies Minor, 2000

M.A. in Applied Anthropology. Thesis: "Mixed Ethnic Identity in the United States." Dr. Joan Gross (chair), Dr. Kurt Peters, and Dr. Nancy Rosenberger. Current: Partners in Participation LLC.



Laurie Bridges, MS Women Studies Minor, 1999

M.S. in College Student Services Administration. Thesis: "The Relationship between Student Involvement and Self-Esteem among College Sophomore Women." Dr. David Kovac (chair), Dr. Susan Shaw, Valerie Wetzel, and Theodore Wiprud. Current: Instruction and Outreach Librarian and Associate Professor at Oregon State University.

Kurstin Finch Gnehm, MAIS 1999

M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/Speech Communication) thesis: "When She was Bad: Framing Female Killers in Contemporary Film." Dr. Susan Shaw, Chair. Current: Central FacultyAdvancement Regular Giving Manager for Direct Marketing, Imperial College London.

Bonnie Kanter, MA Women Studies Minor, 1999


Gloria Willis, MAIS 1999

M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/Philosphy) thesis: "An Abortion Service Provider as Political Activist" under the direction of Dr. Susan Shaw (chair), Dr. Peter List, and Dr. Lani Roberts.



Sara Gelser, MAIS 1998

M.A.I.S. (History/Women Studies) thesis: "Beyond the Ballot: The Women's Christian Temperance Union and the Politics of Oregon Women, 1880-1900." Dr. Bess Beatty (chair), Dr. Steven Hackel, and Dr. Susan Shaw. Current: Member of the Oregon State Senate, District 8.

Janet L. Lockhart, MAIS 1998

M.A.I.S. (Scientific and Technical Communication/Archeology/Women Studies) thesis: "A Feminist Celebrates the Rediscovery of Immanence." Dr. Lisa Ede (chair), Dr. Fred Obermiller, Dr. Barb Roth, and Dr. Susan Shaw.



Spirit Dine'tah Cole, MAIS 1997

M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/Anthropology) thesis: "Native American Women: Leadership, Activism, and Feminism." Committee: Dr. Janet Lee (chair), Dr. Kurt Peters, and Dr. Barbara Roth.

Sindy Kay Mau, MAIS 1997

M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/Gerontology/Sociology) thesis: "The Resistance and Survival of Old Women: Striving for Empowerment in the Face of Oppression and Violence." Dr. Janet Lee, Chair.

Kerin G. Rose, MAIS 1997

M.A.I.S. (English/Women Studies) thesis: "In the Words of a Woman." Committee: Dr. Lisa Ede (chair), Dr. Rich Daniels, Dr. Janet Lee, and Dr. Mary Jo Nye.

Wendy Rielly Thorson, MAIS 1997

Wendy's M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/History) thesis, "Oregon Klanswomen of the 1920s: A Study of Tribalism, Gender, and Women's Power," examined histories of Protestant white women's participation in racist, anti-Semetic, anti-Catholic, and anti-immigrant organizing in Oregon. Committee: Dr. Janet Lee (chair), Dr. Mina Carson, Dr. Leslie Richards, and Dr. Susan Shaw.



Karla R. Cohen, MAIS 1996

M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/English) thesis: "Breast Cancer Experience Literature: Women's Stories as Cultural Critique." Dr. Deltra Ferguson, Chair.

Mary Sanabe-Mao, MAIS 1996

M.A.I.S. (Sociology/Women Studies) thesis: "Tradition and Change Across Generations of Japanese American Women." Dr. Sally K. Gallagher (chair), Dr. Sheila Cordray, Dr. Janet Lee, and Dr. Peter List.

Dr. Susan M. Shaw, MAIS 1996

M.A.I.S (Women Studies/English).



Katrina Knewtson, MAIS 1995

M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/History/Adult Education) thesis: "The Experience of Women's Higher Education at Oregon Agricultural College, 1870-1916." Committee: Dr. Janet Lee (chair), Dr. Mina Carson, Dr. Vicki Collins, and Dr. Warren Suzuki.

Mary Kathryn Nolan, MA Women Studies Minor, 1995

M.A. in Anthropology. Thesis: "Imagining Them, Reimagining Ourselves: A Case Study of Cultural Appropriation and the Politics of Identity." Committee: Dr. Joan Gross and Dr. Nancy Rosenberger (co-chairs), Dr. Janet Lee.  Current: Senior Instructor in Anthropology at Oregon State University.



Janet E. Lim, MA Women Studies Minor, 1994




Dodie A. Forrest, MAIS 1993

M.A.I.S. (English/Women Studies) thesis: "Writing a Feminist Position in the Classroom." Committee: Dr. Anita Helle (chair), Dr. Lisa Ede, Dr. Janet Lee, and Dr. Mark Moore. Current: Writing Center Director at Yakima Valley Community College.

Jaspal K. Singh, MAIS 1993

M.A.I.S. (English/Women Studies) thesis: "Indian Women Rewriting Themselves: The Representation of 'Madness' by Women Writers." Dr. Mona Fayad, Chair. Current: PhD in Comparative Literature from the Universit of Oregon; Professor of English Literature at Northern Michigan University.



Colleen Karen Brown, MAIS 1992

M.A.I.S. (Women Studies/Communication: Theatre/English: Composition and Rhetoric) thesis: "Playwriting and Authority: Collaborative Art and Feminine Production." Dr. Elissa Hare, Chair.



Aiko Shimada, MAIS 1991

M.A.I.S. (Women Studies, Communication, Higher Education). Current: Professional Musician; Co-Founder of Sierra Foothills Reiki and Macrobiotics.



Katherine H. Cummings, MAIS 1989

M.A.I.S. (History/Women Studies) thesis: "Exiles and Rebels: Women in the American Left 1900-1920." Committee: Dr. Ed Ferguson (chair), Dr. Jeanne Dost, Dr. Sally Hacker, Dr. Kathleen Moore, and Dr. Darold Wax.


Alumni: Undergraduate Students


Marwah Al-Jiani, WGSS Minor.

Donna Armstrong

Anna Bartholemy, WGSS Minor.

Adrian Borycki, B.S.

Kimberly Brown, B.S.

Ashleigh Burgess

Aya Bukres, WGSS Minor.

Jennifer Calbert

Tara Crockett

Victoria Dobrkovsky

Rebecca Fitkin, WGSS Minor.

Laura Galindo, WGSS Minor.

Molly Harney

Kennedy Hayes

Elizabeth Hintz

Melanie Ingram, B.A.

Bria Knight, WGSS Minor.

Erin Lamere

Zachary Lee

Taylor Lewis

Rachel McCormick, WGSS Minor.

Marisa McDowell, B.S.

Kalie Morris, WGSS Minor.

Tori Olson

Jessica Perez

Andrew Peyton, B.A.

Joanna Raskauskas

Mckenzie (Kenzie) Ross

Brittany Schaefer

Cheryl Smith, B.A.

Savannah Storms

Heathyr Wing

Lydia Zaslow, B.A.



AJ Abell, WGSS Minor.

Lia Bauman, WGSS Minor.

Dakota Bloch, B.A.

Meghan Bridges, WGSS Minor.

Lindsey Daberko, WGSS Minor.

Siena M. Del Ponte, WGSS Minor.

Myriah Dooley, B.S.

Kendall Dunlop, WGSS Minor. Current: Outreach Coordinator, Student Sustainability Initiative at Oregon State University. 

Esmeralda Flores, B.A.

Gail Gamero, WGSS Minor.

Karlie Hahn, B.S.

Elizabeth Hernandez-Cuesta, B.A.

ReGina Kaylor, B.S.

Annie Kersting, WGSS Minor. Current: Landscape Project Coordinator, Student Sustainability Inititive at Oregon State University.

Marrisa McDowell

Alex Lair, B.S.

Connie Langevin, B.A.

Heather Lawyer, Women Studies Minor.

Vicky Lin, WGSS Minor.

Brandy McIntosh, B.A.

Elizabeth Newman, WGSS Minor.

Molly Paeth, B.S.

Ashley Rowland-Lee, Women Studies Minor.

Alyssa Tekiela, B.S.

Angela D. Trenga, Women Studies Minor.

Justine Wendkos, WGSS Minor.

Elizabeth D. Xiong, WGSS Minor.



Lameleanique Bates, B.S.

Altamease Burns, B.S.

Kristin Kathleen Chase, B.A.

Nicole Craigmile, Women Studies Minor.

Daphne Gill, B.A.

Luke Kawasaki, Queer Studies Minor. Luke is the first undergraduate minor in Queer Studies at Oregon State University. Current: Social Media & ePortfolios Coordinator, Student Leadership & Involvement at Oregon State University.

Desiree Kaye, B.A.

Karen Osovsky, B.S.

Clara Mandujano, Women Studies Minor. Currrent: Case Manager, Sexual Assault Resource Center

Lara Matthews

Lara Salonen, B.S. Current: Photographer, Western Images & Light.

Katie Wicks, B.A. Honors College.  Katie's Oral History Interview in Oregon State University Special Collections and Archives Research Center. 

Nicthé Verdugo, WGSS Minor. Nicthé's Oral History Interview with the Oregon State University Sesquicentennial Oral History Project.



Katie Andersson, Women Studies Minor.

Elizabeth Chitwood, Women Studies Minor.

Francesca Hawatmeh, B.A.

Jennifer Hutt, B.A.

Kendall Jorgensen, WGSS Minor.

Rachel Merino, WGSS Minor.

Felicia Pays, WGSS Minor.

Brittany Myers, B.A.

Ailiah Schafer, B.S.

Kiah A. Shigeta-Koizumi. Women Studies Minor.

Karinda Woodward, B.A. Current: M.A. Student in Women, Gender, and Sexuaity Studies at the Univeristy of Kansas.



Kristina Anderson, B.A.

Caitlin Garets, B.A.

Hannah Gzik, B.A.

Kaylin Hutchinson, Women Studies Minor.

Jennifer Hutt, B.A.

Rebecca Laro, B.S.  Current: Instructor at Oregon State University-Cascades.

Julie Lindgren, Women Studies Minor.

KaSandra Lopez, Women Studies Minor.

Rachel Love, Women Studies Minor.

Sophia Mamoyac, B.A.

Heather McGregor, Women Studies Minor.

Kayla Newhouse, B.A.

Juliana Orellana, Women Studies Minor.

David Pope, Women Studies Minor.

Madeline Rousseau, B.A.

Laura Tanner, B.S. Honors College

Chloe Tull, Women Studies Minor.

Adelyn Vigran, Women Studies Minor.

Rihanna Wheeler, B.A.



Sarah Boam, Women Studies Minor. Current: Recruiting Specialist, Personnel Source Inc.

Erin Cobb, Women Studies Minor.

Sara Gwin, B.S.

Emily Miljkovic, Women Studies Minor.

Marisa Moser, Women Studies Minor. Current: M.A.I.S. (WGSS/College Student Services Administratin/Queer Studies) Student at Oregon State University.

Kathryn Welter, Women Studies Minor.



Brittany Baldwin, Women Studies Minor.

J.P. Bertram, B.S. Current: Head of Account Development, RolePoint.

Jonathon Boos, B.S. Current: U.S. Marine Corps.

Nichole Cranston, Women Studies Minor.

Anna Dewey, Women Studies Minor.

Alexandria Engels-Smith, Women Studies Minor. 

Erin Ferris, B.A. 

Holly Gordon, Women Studies Minor.

Madison Hainley, Women Studies Minor.

Keisha Merchant, B.S.

Katherine Main. B.S.

Alea Payne, B.A.

Dwight Roberson, Women Studies Minor.

Randa Smith, B.S.

Channing K. Tannehill, Women Studies Minor.

Sarah Young, Women Studies Minor.



Lena Ball, B.A.

Andria Breeden, Women Studies Minor. Current: Instructional Assistant, Salem-Keizer School Dist 24J.

Jami Bressler, Women Studies Minor.

Andrea Cruse, Women Studies Minor.

Jessica Grosjacques, Women Studies Minor.

Jessica Hoffman, Women Studies Minor. Currrent: English Teacher, International School of Frankfurt.

Sarah Hulse, B.S.

Miranda M. Linville, B.S.

Ashley Mead, B.A.

Brennan Rattay, Women Studies Minor.

Kelsey Rose Smith, Women Studies Minor.

Molly Statham, Women Studies Minor.

Claire Wielenga, Women Studies Minor.



Amber Ahlgren, Women Studies Minor. Currrent: Office Speciialist 2, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, Oregon State University.

Hallie Atencio, Women Studies Minor.

Christine Bagby, Women Studies Minor.

Lupe Campos, Women Studies Minor.

Jessica George, Women Studies Minor.

Heather Hoffman, Women Studies Minor.

Robin Klein, Women Studies Minor. Current: Legal Secretary, Clackamas County, Oregon.

Samantha Reining, Women Studies Minor.

Jessica Waldo, Women Studies Minor.

Julianna Whittaker, Women Studies Minor.

Amanda Wojahn, Women Studies Minor.



Kristen Atwater, Women Studies Minor. Current: Instructor, Adventure Leadership Institute, Oregon State University.

Melissa Brazeale, Women Studies Minor.

Parvathy Binoy, Women Studies Minor.

Meghan Hollis, Women Studies Minor.

Krista Hubbard, Women Studies Minor. Current: Category Information Analyst, Nike Inc.

Rachael Janis, Women Studies Minor. Current: Hair Stylist, Bellissimo Salon & Spa.

Cara Kness, Women Studies Minor.

Meghan Nielson, Women Studies Minor.

Elizabeth Parker, Women Studies Minor.

Emma Sales, Women Studies Minor.

Sarah Noelle Smith, Women Studies Minor.

Nicole Thurmond, Women Studies Minor.

Caeli Virag, Women Studies Minor.

Alison Wallingford, Women Studies Minor.

Sarah Wiebenson, Women Studies Minor. Current: Fixed Asset Accountant, Portland State University.

Erin Beth Wilson, Women Studies Minor.

Ebony Young, Women Studies Minor.



Katie Allen, Women Studies Minor.

Molly Brown, Women Studies Minor.

Erin Crews, Women Studies Minor.

Gabriela Amparo Duarte, Women Studies Minor.

Andrea Floyd, Women Studies Minor.

Lea Ann Hart-Chambers, Women Studies Minor. Current: Performance Mananger, Oregon Dept of Transportation.

Jessica Kelley, Women Studies Minor. Current: Patient Services, Planned Parenthood Federation.

Molly Kokkeler, Women Studies Minor.

Carrie Laird, Women Studies Minor.

Chevaun K. Macalma, Women Studies Minor.

Bayley Putman, Women Studies Minor.

Nathalie Weinstein, Women Studies Minor. Current: Editorial Assistant, Daily Journal of Commerce.

Stefanie Wilson, Women Studies Minor.



Patricia Hofschneider Aguon, Women Studies Minor.

Rachel Andersen, Women Studies Minor. Current: Director of Integrated Marketing, Centrify Corporation.

Kristin Cotter, Women Studies Minor. Current: Koalaty Trading Inc.

Heather Dunning, Women Studies Minor.

Lindsey Kurz, Women Studies Minor.

Hannah M. Rosenau, Women Studies Minor.



Sara Belson, Women Studies Minor.

Tiffany Seaver, Women Studies Minor.



Bobbi Jo Epperson, Women Studies Minor.

Danielle Fournier, Women Studies Minor.

Stormy Fuller, Women Studies Minor.

Shauna Graham, Women Studies Minor.

Jessica Havstad, Women Studies Minor.

Trish House, Women Studies Minor.

Megan K. Hyland, Women Studies Minor.

Jennifer Johnson, Women Studies Minor.

Selina Marshall, Women Studies Minor. Current: AVP & Commercial Loan Officer, Citizens Bank.

Anna Mortier, Women Studies Minor.

Staci L. Palin, Women Studies Minor. Current: Associate, Hornecker Cowling Hassen & Heysell LLP.

Erin Plinski, Women Studies Minor.

Christine N. Prince, Women Studies Minor.

Coral Slater, Women Studies Minor.

Emily Wheeland, Women Studies Minor.



Daniel Auger, Women Studies Minor.

Grace Buderus, Women Studies Minor.

Kimberly Deaver, Women Studies Minor.

Tara Moore, Women Studies Minor. Current: Central Sales Principal, US Bancorp.

Amara Williams, Women Studies Minor.

Kerrie B. Wrye, Women Studies Minor.



Kimberly Herman, Women Studies Minor.

Letetia Wilson, Women Studies Minor.



Jennifer Backstrand, Women Studies Minor. Current: Intake Coordinator, Wisconsin Early Autism Project, Inc.



Smriti Aryal, Women Studies Minor.

Kimberly Baldwin, Women Studies Minor.

Jill Brunelle, Women Studies Minor. 

Robin T. Graham, Women Studies Minor.

Kimberly M. Murphy, Women Studies Minor.



Sarah Balz, Women Studies Minor. Current: IT Specialist, Western Washington University.

Teresa Beaver, Women Stdies Minor. 

Suzanne Beer, Women Studies Minor.

Maili C. Morrison, Women Studies Minor. Current: Sr. Director of Business Development, CoHo Services.



Andrea Crisp, Women Studies Minor. 

Kelly Crosby, Women Studies Minor. Current: Licensed Massage Therapist, Alternative Wellness Center. 

Faye Guenther, Women Studies Minor. Current: Membership Action Director, UFCW Local 21. 

Tamara Houston, Women Studies Minor. 

Amy E. Schneidmiller, Women Studies Minor. Current: MA, LMHC. Counselor.



Heather Bee, Women Studies Minor. B.S. in Psychology. Current: Psy.D., Clinical Psychology (2003). Pacific University School of Professional Psychology. Licensed Psychologist, Bee Psychology.

Jean Chiappisi, Women Studies Minor. Current: Office Manager, Philomath Middle School.

Theresa Miller, Women Studies Minor. 



SJ Prock, Women Studies Minor.