BA/BS in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSSS)

Students can elect to major in WGSS both on campus and online. OSU supports an online degree in WGSS.

The Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies major represents multidisciplinary approaches to the study of gender and sexuality, particularly as they intersect with race, ethnicity, class, culture, nation, and ability. The curriculum incorporates feminist social justice theory and research to better understand differences in power and privilege and to contribute to practices that help transform our world. Many classes incorporate a social activism component, and students are encouraged to consider the ways knowledge and activist engagements help promote social justice in local and global communities.

WGSS Major (48 credits)

A total of 48 credits is required for the major: 27 credits of required Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies core courses, and 21 credits of elective courses. Electives may include courses taught in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies as well as courses that are taught in other academic units that are approved as Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program courses in consultation with your WGSS advisor. These courses have a focus on gender, sexuality, and/or women's issues. No more than 9 credits of these Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program courses may be used toward the major. For the on-campus major, all required course work must be taken on campus and no more than 6 credits of online elective course work can be used toward the major. With the exception of the Writing Intensive Curriculum (WIC), courses used to satisfy requirements for the major may not be used to meet baccalaureate or liberal arts core requirements.


Required Core Coursework (27 credits)

WGSS 223. *Introduction to Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (3)
QS/WGSS 262. *Introduction to Queer Studies (3)
WGSS 319 *Feminist Decolonizing Methodologies: Social Justice Research (3)

WGSS 410. Internship (3)
WGSS 414. *Systems of Oppression: Strategies for Resistance (4)
WGSS 416. Theories of Feminism (4)
WGSS 480. *Gender and Transnational Activisms (3)
WGSS 498. Feminist Practice (4)


Electives (21 credits). To be chosen from the following:

WGSS 110. Gender, Race, and Pop Culture (3)
WGSS 111. Feminist Perspectives on Current Events (3)

WGSS 199. Special Studies (3)
WGSS 224. *Women: Personal and Social Change (3)
WGSS 230. *Women in the Movies (3)
WGSS 235. *Women in World Cinema (3)
WGSS 240. *Gender and Sport (3)
WGSS 270. Resisting Gender Violence (3)
WGSS 280. *Women Worldwide (3)
WGSS 295. Feminism and the Bible (3)

WGSS 299. Topics in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (1-6)
WGSS 311. *Global Experience: Culture Diversity (3)
WGSS 312. *Global Experience: Western Culture (3)
WGSS 313. *Global Experience: Contemporary Global Issues (3)
WGSS 320. *Gender and Technology (3)
QS/WGSS 321. Queer Pop Culture (3)
WGSS 324. Feminist Activisms (3)
WGSS 325. *Disney: Gender, Race, Empire (3)
WGSS 340. *Gender and Science (3).
WGSS 350. *Politics of Motherhood in Global Context (3)
WGSS 360. * Men and Masculinities is Global Context (3)
ES/QS/WLC/WGSS 361. (Re)Framing Race Through Film Production (4)
QS/WGSS 362. *Serving LBBTQ+ Communities (3)
QS/WGSS 364. *Transgender Politics (3)
ANTH/ES/WLC/WGSS 373. Approaches to Social Justice (3)
ES/QS/WGSS 375. Arts and Social Justice (4)
REL/WGSS 378. Religion and Gender: A Global Perspective (3)
WGSS 380. *Muslim Women (3)
WGSS 399. Topics in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (1-6)
WGSS 402. Independent Study (1-16)
WGSS 406. Projects (1-16)
PHL/WGSS 417. Feminist Philosophy (3)
WGSS 418. Feminist Research Methods (4)
WGSS 430. Women of Color Feminisms (4)
ES/QS/WGSS 431. *Queer of Color Critiques (4)
ART/QS/WGSS 432. Gender, Sexuality, and the Photographic Image (3)
WGSS 440. *Women and Natural Resources (3)
WGSS 450. Ecofeminsm (3)
WGSS 460. ^Women and Sexuality (3)
QS/WGSS 462 *Queer Theories (4)
PSY/WGSS 465. Women, Weight, and Body Image (3)
PSY/WGSS 466. Fat Studies (3)
ES/QS/WGSS 472. ^IndigenousTwo-Spirit and Queer Studies (4)
QS/WGSS 473. Transgender Lives (3)
ES/QS/WGSS 477. Queer/Trans People of Color Arts and Activism (4)
WGSS 482. Global Perspectives on Women's Health (4)

WGSS 483 Race, Gender, and Health Justice (4)
ANTH/ES/WLC/WGSS 485. Capstone in Social Justice (4)
WGSS 486. Global Experience I (1)
WGSS 487. Global Experience II (1)
WGSS 488. Global Experience III (1)
WGSS 490. Self-Esteem and Personal Power (3)
WGSS 495. *Global Feminist Theologies (4)
WGSS 496. *Feminist Theologies in the United States (4)
WGSS 499. Topics (1-6)


Baccalaureate Core (48 credits, excluding WIC)

Liberal Arts Core (15 credits)

  • Fine Arts (3)
  • Humanities (3)
  • Non-Western Culture (3)
  • Social Sciences (3)
  • Plus one additional course from the above areas (3)

College of Liberal Arts BA/BS Requirements (15 credits)

  • The BA requires second year language proficiency at the college level with C grade or above
  • The BS requires 15 credits in science, computer science, and quantitative studies.

Free Electives to allow for a minor or second major (54 credits)

OSU Requirement for Baccalaureate degree =180 credits

* Baccalaureate Core Course (BCC)
^ Writing Intensive Course (WIC)