The Little Gallery:   Where ART meets CULTURE

A space housed in The School of Languages, Cultures and Society, exhibits eclectic selections of art from well-established and emerging artists and visually advances different critical methods of seeing, and transformative approaches to large intercultural questions.  The gallery has a welcome place in an international language department, bringing cultures together and has become a confluence of disciplines, a place for discussion and wonder. 

The Little Gallery hosts at least one exhibition per term with opening receptions with the artist present.  The gallery is open M-F, 8-5 pm and closed on the weekends and school holidays.

If you would like to be added to the email list to be notified of upcoming exhibitions, or would like to send in a submission for a possible exhibition opportunity, please contact Helen Wilhelm or call 541-737-2146.

Upcoming Exhibit

Universal Languages – Paints, Prints and Photography

The Little Gallery, OSU, 210 Kidder Hall
On View.  November 1 – December 17, 2021
Gallery Hours.  M-F 8-5 pm

Opening reception with the Evans:  Friday, November 12, 4:30-6 pm.  All welcome.

Current Exhibit

Breaking Misconceptions
The Little Gallery, OSU, 210 Kidder Hall
On View.  September 27 – October 22, 2021
Gallery Hours  M-F  8-5 pm

Past Exhibit

In a Time of Change: Microbial Worlds: This NSF-funded art-science collaboration explores the microbial realm of the arctic tundra. The exhibit is available to viewers both virtually and in person at The Little Gallery, 210 Kidder Hall, Oregon State University. For more information about the show visit.

Gallery hours for in person viewing: 3-5 pm Tues-Thurs, September 29 – October 22. Visitors are asked to arrive at the front door of Kidder Hall (facing the Library) at 3 or 4 pm. Contact the Little Gallery's Helen Wilhelm for information | 541-737-2146.

Virtual Exhibit | Webinar