Welcome to Ethnic Studies!

In Ethnic Studies, we prepare students for a diverse world - whether that means learning about one's own background and the histories that shape our families, reaching out to learn more about other peoples and histories, or how these are all intertwined. Students in Ethnic Studies gain greater understanding of difficult subjects like race and racism, colonialism and indigeneity, ethnicity and citizenship. We examine how oppressions such as racism, sexism, and heterosexism are both individual and systematic problems (and, in the US and beyond). We also research and support the ways racialized ethnic groups and indigenous peoples engage in community formation, activism, resistance, coalition-building, and movements for self-empowerment.

Thinking about jobs? No problem. Ethnic Studies graduates find great and meaningful careers in politics, education, health care, ecology, arts, science, writing, journalism, law, business, and much more. And that is just the beginning. Come find out more!