Internships can be one of the best ways to gain skill & experience in your field of study, help you explore specific careers in your field, and identify which careers you love the most (or least)!

Benefits internships provide to students:

  • Apply what you learn in the classroom in a real career setting
  • Learn and grow skills applicable in different careers
  • Develop a professional network of contacts
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Expand your resume with relevant entry-level experiences, increasing your chances of landing a higher paying salary after graduation. 
  • Identify careers that aren’t the right fit for you before making a full-time commitment
  • Earn college credit while gaining career experience
  • Help ease the transition between college and the workplace

Frequently Asked Questions

Completing an internship isn’t required for SLCS majors, but they are highly encouraged for all the reasons listed above!

It’s never too early to start gaining experience and learning on the job-related skills in your career field. You can participate in an internship whenever you’re ready. Because students apply for internships through outside organizations and companies, eligibility requirements vary from one internship to another so opportunities are available for everyone.

No. In order to receive OSU credits, internships must be completed while you are an OSU student.

STEP 1: Start by connecting with your advisor
Your advisor will work with you to determine the internship path that best meets your goals and requirements. They’ll also walk you through the process of finding an internship and how to earn college credit for your internship.

STEP 2: Find and apply for internships
Students apply for internships through outside employers and organizations. Below are some internships that are relative to SLCS majors and careers. Search the list for internships and apply for opportunities that look relative, exciting, and interesting to you.

STEP 3: To receive OSU credit for your internship, complete the SLCS Internship Application to return to your SLCS Advisor for approval.

How do I earn OSU credit for doing an internship?
Earn credit for internship experiences that meet the following requirements:

  • Earn 1 credit hour every 30 hours of internship 
  • Must align with your major
  • Have a clear on-boarding process and ongoing supervision, direction, and guidance

Must be approved by your SLCS academic advisor

SLCS Internship opportunities

Internships offered through OSU World Languages & Cultures. For more information about these internships, or to apply, contact our WLC Advisor!

  • Spanish teaching internships at Franklin School (K-8 in Corvallis) (no cost unless enrolling for credit)
  • German teaching internship at Deutsche Schule Corvallis (no cost unless enrolling for credit)
  • Spanish medical hospital rotation internship in Ecuador – (scholarships provided through WLC/OSU GO/IE3 Global)
  • Spanish STEM research internship in Spain – (scholarships provided through WLC/OSU GO/IE3 Global)
  • Spanish Business internship in Costa Rica – (scholarships provided through WLC/OSU GO/IE3 Global)

Outside OSU language internships:

Council on Foreign Relations
U.S. Department of Education  
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development  
Global Language Network
International Criminal Court
AES World Languages & Cultures Institute