The NMC Advisor will collaborate with you on all things related to your DCA major or NMC minor. Think of the the Advisor as the expert of the major & minor requirements in the department. You can speak with any Academic Advisor about any opportunities, issues or problems you face as a student.  Advisors will not share what is discussed with your parents, family or friends (not even if they’re paying for you to be at OSU), in part because it’s against the law to do so (Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act - FERPA). 

To Declare the Major:

Meet with the NMC Advisor, Danny Gruss.


Questions about the Bacc Core:

If you have specific questions about Bacc Core, please refer to CLA central advising. Call 541-737-0561 to set up an appointment or ask about drop-in hours.


Working with the NMC Academic Advisor:

PIN Distribution:

Every Spring Term you are required to meet with your major Advisor in order to receive a registration PIN for the upcoming academic year. Without a PIN, you will not be able to register. The PIN you receive during Spring Term is good for the entire upcoming academic year*.

*Student Athletes, students with special DAS accommodations, students using Veteran Benefits, and First-Year Students must obtain a new PIN each term.


Making an Appointment:

Current Digital Communication Arts (DCA) Major: Academic Advising Appointments

  • Request an in-person or Microsoft Teams appointment with NMC Advisor Daniel (Danny) Gruss through the "Success Team" area of your Beaver Hub
  • Please choose the “Other” option when wanting to discuss Internships/Careers

Want to change your Major to DCA or Add the NMC Minor? Make an appointment with me

If you're not currently an OSU student but are interested in pursuing a Digital Communication Arts Degree or a New Media Communications Minor, you can schedule a conversation with NMC Advisor Daniel (Danny) Gruss through the Bookings site. This will help you gather more information about the program and its requirements.


Advising Tips:

  • Write down any questions you would like to ask when you come for your appointment.
  • Review the schedule of classes.  Write down classes you are interested in taking.
  • Think about your goals - graduating by a certain time, studying abroad, etc.
  • Make a list of your other commitments - sports practices, work, family responsibilities, etc.  This will keep your plan on a realistic schedule.
  • Keep your MyDegrees Planner up to date. This is a useful tool for letting your advisor know what you are thinking and planning.

Please Note: Advisors are not able to view your Registration Cart.


Make a Plan:

Before you meet with an advisor it is a good idea to fill out a plan in MyDegrees. MyDegrees is a tool to help students plan for their academic goals and track their progress throughout their OSU experience. It is used for course planning, advising, and degree verification. The information in MyDegrees is visible to you at all times.


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