App design & Development Minor

The HdM App Design & Development Minor provides an introduction and practical experience in interaction design and front-end development of mobile applications. To learn more about the program content, and to see course outlines, please visit the HdM website.

To see how the App Design & Development Minor can fit into the DCA major, please consult the table below:

NMC Articulations: App Design & Development Minor
HdM Course DCA/NMC Equivalency Production
Fundamentals of Design Lower-Division; Intermediate NMC Yes

User Interface Design

Upper-Division; Advanced NMC Yes
Usability Engineering Upper-Division; Advanced NMC Yes
Innovation Management NMC 440: Media Management No
Mobile Web Applications NMC 399: Small Screens Yes
Interdisciplinary Project Upper-Division; Advanced NMC Yes*

Please note:

  • *Production credit for Interdisciplinary Project is dependant on project
  • Only courses applicable to the NMC department are listed above
  • A maximum of 5 HdM courses are allowed to count in the DCA major or NMC minor