We are looking for models, both male and female, who have an awareness of themselves in space and an interest in the time-honored tradition of artists working directly from the nude form.

Pay is $15 per hour. Classes are three hours long and meet twice weekly. Models are scheduled for separate three hour sessions throughout the term.

If you are not familiar with the process, models typically pose NUDE for lengths of time ranging from a few minutes per pose to potentially a few hours (with breaks). The work that the students do is designed to develop an awareness of the kinaesthetics of the human form, some knowledge of human anatomy and a connection to the living energy of their subjects.

**Please note that this is mostly NUDE modeling, and you must be able to stand in one position for at least 30 minutes in order to qualify for this position. 

If you are a student, please apply by clicking here.

If you are NOT a student please apply on the OSU Jobs website: Temporary Art Model  Job Posting Application Portal

Questions, please contact:  art@oregonstate.edu