2020 Prints

Donatello . . . Michelangelo . . . Leonardo . . . they all had to start somewhere! Early in their careers, patrons such as the Medici family of Florence purchased and collected their work, helping these aspiring artists to build a name, support their apprentices, and sustain their workshops. Since even before the Renaissance, people in communities have purchased and collected art, supporting new artists' work and helping them to build their professional careers. That tradition continues today through Oregon State University's Norma Seibert Printmaking Scholarship. Here, you have an opportunity to support the work of aspiring artists and to receive beautiful artwork to own and enjoy. 

Who was Norma Seibert?

As a grandmother in her 60’s Norma Seibert, OSU 1926, returned to Oregon State to pursue her love of printmaking, where she soon grew to become a favorite of the faculty and students. Supporting the program she loved, Norma Seibert contributed funds to buy new printmaking equipment and created an endowment to support students.

How the Program Works

Each year, OSU art faculty seek out an accomplished, professional artist and printmaker to create a special, limited-edition print for the patrons who contribute to the Norma Seibert Printmaking Scholarship. Over the years, the artists, have come from as far as Europe and as close as the Pacific Northwest, including John Rock, Gordon Gilkey, Paul Gunn and many more. The most proficient student printmakers at Oregon State compete for this scholarship. Faculty select the student with the most impressive portfolio and if accepted, that student also creates a limited-edition print, often his or her best work to date, as a thank you for contributors to the Norma Seibert Scholarship. In addition, an OSU faculty artist is selected each year to create and contribute a third unique print for the contributors to the Norma Seibert Scholarship.
Now a tradition that has continued for more than 30 years at OSU, the Norma Seibert Scholar ship has supported many students who have gone on to succeed in careers as professional artists and whose work has been featured in galleries and museums across the Northwest and beyond. In some cases, these alumni have come full circle. Several past recipients have been asked to provide prints as the professional artist featured in our Norma Seibert Scholarship Program.
Who are this year's Printmakers?

Our professional artist contributor this year is Tom Huck. Huck is a professional print maker best known for his large-scale satirical woodcuts. He lives and works in St. Louis, Mo., where he runs his own press, called Evil Prints.

The faculty print contributor is Katherine Spinella. In addition to teaching at Oregon State, Katherine is a professional artist whose work has been shown at galleries in Oregon, California and Switzerland. She is co-founder of Carnation Contemporary gallery of Portland.

The 2020 student print is by Andi Grillo. Grillo has just completed the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and was the recipient of the 2019 Norma Seibert printmaking scholarship. Her piece for Norma Seibert Printmaking Patrons, “Momentomorphasis,” is an acknowledgement and acceptance of grief, trauma, loss and her ongoing healing process

Becoming a Patron

It’s easy to become a patron. Just make the recommended minimum annual contribution ( $200 or more) to the Norma Seibert Printmaking Scholarship Fund and you will be invited to Patron Night, where you will have the opportunity to meet printmaking student(s ) supported by the scholarship, see a brief presentation on the work of the featured artists, and receive your set of three beautiful, limited edition art prints. Many Norma Seibert patrons choose to participate year after year. It’s such an easy and rewarding way to help build a rich, vibrant arts community; to collect a broad variety of beautiful, original prints to hang in your home or office; and to support aspiring artists in their development and growth as printmakers. If you enjoy art and find pleasure in collecting original artwork, we invite you to become a patron of Oregon State’s Norma Seibert Printmaking Scholarship program. Please complete this year’s patron form, which includes details about the current student scholarship recipient and featured artists, as well as the date and location for our annual Patron Night.