When uploading your visual portfolio:

All art students applying for scholarships or awards are required to submit work in digital media only. Portfolios should consist of 10 digital images (saved at approx. 1500 pixels on the long; 72 dpi; saved as a JPG; save at level 12) and is one of the most critical components of your application. Please take care to insure your work is well represented. We encourage students to seek advice from their instructors.

  • Each image to be uploaded: .jpg format 5 MB file size limit.

For Video-art and animation:

  • Please provide a secure link to an online video of your work
  • No more than two minutes in length. 

When photographing your work:

  • Use a tripod
  • Set white balance for the light source.
  • Let the image/art work fill the camera frame. Do not include the matte or frame unless it is a significant part of the artwork.
  • For 3-D objects, use a very simple white or grey background.
  • Name each file as follows: lastname_firstname_01_title_HxWxD_medium
    (increment numbers for each file, ex. "lastname_firstname_02_title_HxWxDx_medium, etc.)

Questions: please email  with any questions regarding the scholarship application process.