Core Studio: The First Year Foundational Sequence

Core Studio is the common entry for majors in the departments of Art and Art History and Graphic Design at Oregon State University. The innovative first-year program synthesizes students’ individual creative interests with the ideas and techniques necessary to pursue upper level and advanced classes. Experiential and interdisciplinary learning is valued, providing opportunity for connections between students and faculty, and laying the groundwork for students’ creative futures.

Students pursuing a BFA, BA, or BS in Studio Art, Photography and Digital Studio, Graphic Design or Art History begin their plan of study with the following Core Studio classes:

ART 100: Art Orientation

Introduction to the study of art and career options in studio arts, graphic design, photography, and art history. Through hands-on visual art projects, visiting artist talks, and readings, students become acquainted with the program and community.

ART 115: 2D Core Studio

Studio course that introduces students to visual language, the elements of design, and the principles of organization. The course emphasizes skills, concepts, and problem solving in the areas of two-dimensional design and color. Topics addressed include: abstraction, color and pattern, the perception of space, as well as more conceptual concerns of subject and content, narrative and social commentary.

ART 117: 3D Core Studio

Studio course examining three-dimensional design elements and their spatial organization emphasizing innovative problem solving, hands-on forming techniques, and exposure to varied media. Ideas about form, surface, space, site, and time are integrated into multi-tiered projects that address issues of object making, wearables, site-specificity, hybrid practices, and installation. The course gives students a foundation of conceptual and technical skills that apply to more advanced media-oriented courses.

ART 121: Digital Core Studio

An introductory studio art class using computers in the visual arts. Project-based exploration of digital imaging, layout, 3-D rendering, and video. Examination of the impact of digital technology on the visual arts from contemporary and historical perspectives. Assignments include working with digital photo, digital video, digital audio, 3D rendering, and introduction to page layout to visually communicate expressive concepts.

ART 131: Drawing Core Studio

Studio course in drawing techniques with emphasis on developing skills in perception and visual organization. This course introduces students to classical and contemporary drawing techniques and concepts, with emphasis on the understanding of their formal language and the fundamentals of artistic expression. The course explores a variety of black and white drawing media and techniques to gain observational and technical drawing and composition skills. Topics covered include line, accurate proportions and construction, value, linear perspective, composition and concept development.

Anna Fidler

Faculty Focus

Anna Fidler: A Practice of Passion

They say that practice makes perfect, and while nobody is perfect, being passionate about and dedicated to her daily art practice probably makes OSU Art Instructor Anna Fidler a better artist and a better teacher. As a single Mom, a university instructor and a successful working artist with an in-home studio not far from campus, the boundaries of Fidler’s personal and professional life may be muddled, but her quietly calm and happy demeanor gives a sense that she’s found a balance. So what’s her secret?

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